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Fantasy Motors – The Goalkeeper

Thursday 27 August 2015, by

Even though the season has well and truly begun, it’s not too late to pick your perfect lineup and join in with some fantasy football.

So we’ve taken a look at some of the best motors listed on Gumtree to select our starting 11. And where better to build from than the back? Here are our three top choices for Goalkeeper.

Volvo V40

Starting with the number one shirt, our safe pairs of wheels belong to the secure, five-door Volvo V40. Bossing from the back, the V40 handles confidently at the top level and can be relied on to put in a 120 BHP performance on the big occasions.

A product of Volvo’s academy, it has that smart positioning you’d expect from your keeper and can get off the line (and up to 62mph) in 9.5 seconds. The V40 is a team player that will keep fans comfortably in their seats.

Jeep Cherokee

A stalwart of the game, there’s no denying that the Jeep Cherokee gets the job done. A sturdy and staunch keeper, the Cherokee will play on-and-on-and-on until the cows come home.

With most Cherokees boasting a tried-and-tested 4×4 system, the Cherokee is as at home on a wet and windy Wednesday night in Stoke as it is on the pristine turf of Wembley.

While it doesn’t have the same silverware of the V40, it does more than compete for its place on the pitch.

Skoda Fabia

Despite not always being the first name on the team sheet, an 45+ mpg means the Skoda Fabia makes a strong case as a value-for-money signing.

With countless appearances across the continent, the Skoda Fabia is a reliable third choice. It has quickly adapted to the pace and physicality of the English game, and is comfortable making saves with its 330-litre boot.

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