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Convert unwanted Christmas presents into cash

Thursday 6 January 2011, by

Cash-savvy Brits are busy converting their Christmas present bloopers into cash according to local noticeboard  The website has been inundated with people selling their unwanted presents, with 2,917 gifts listed since Christmas Day* – a 386 per cent increase on the same point last year.

Those in London, Belfast and Glasgow are the most likely to have cashed-in on unwanted gifts, with the cities accounting for 40 per cent of all recent ads listed**.  Presents currently listed for sale range from brand new PS3s and games, GHD hair straighteners, cameras, through to cross trainers and dolls houses. top tips for a quick sale

  • Describe your unwanted gift accurately
  • Include photos of the item from several different angles
  • Try to keep it boxed or in its wrapping if possible
  • Include the original RRP if you know its value
  • State that it’s an unwanted gift in your description, this implies it’s new and not been used so could result in a higher value sale
  • Be realistic with your price expectations
  • If swapping an item, ask questions about the product you expect to receive
  • Ask to see more photos if the ones provided aren’t good enough spokesperson, Sam Taylor commented, “Once again, we have seen a surge in ads for unwanted presents after Christmas.  We suspect that this big rise might be down to the last-minute panic-buying before Christmas because of online shopping purchases not making it in time.

“Rather than leaving unwanted Christmas bloopers gathering dust or taking up valuable cupboard space, it makes sense to sell them and put the money towards something you really do want.  Or if you’re more diplomatic, then the swap shop is perfect place to exchange your gifts for what you had hoped to find under the Christmas tree.”

Did you get any unwanted presents this Christmas? Tell us what you’ve put on Gumtree.

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