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#ClearOutCashIn Free bump-up Campaign Terms & Conditions

Thursday 9 November 2017, by

What is it? Limited, a company incorporated in England with its registered office at 5 New Street Square, EC4A 3TW, London, United Kingdom (“Gumtree”), is running a promotion (the “Promotion”).

Gumtree will offer all Registered Users of the website, applications or tools who comply with the present Terms & Conditions, a free “Bump Up” applied directly to such Registered User’s Gumtree ad on the website, applications or tools for the Promotional Period, as defined below, subject to the restrictions mentioned in these Terms & Conditions.

All Gumtree ads are eligible for this Promotion.

The ‘Bump Up’ will be applied manually to the ad displayed on the website, applications or tools for the duration of the Promotional Period. To obtain a free Bump Up on their ad, Registered Users must post an ad on with #ClearOutCashIn in the description and share (via links on the Gumtree site) with Gumtree’s Twitter page hosted at, etc using the hashtag #ClearOutCashIn.

“Registered Users” are users who sign up for, or who have a standard Gumtree account during the Promotional Period.

Professional accounts are excluded from the Promotion.

Ads posted using professional tools, such as (but not limited to) API feeds, are excluded. Ads posted will only be eligible for this promotion if they were posted manually by the users on the website, application or tools.

To take part in this Promotion, the users must be registered as resident in the UK. Please refer to “What’s Excluded?” for more details.

 When is it?

10/11/2017 – 1st Dec 18:00 local UK time (the “Promotional Period”).

 What’s Included?

All ads posted manually by an eligible user on the website, applications or tools during the Promotional Period.
Only registered users who have a standard account [i.e. any account that is not a professional account], who are registered on the website, applications or tools as resident in the UK and who comply with the present Terms & Conditions are eligible.
What’s Excluded?

Users who have a professional account on the website, applications or tools are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
Ads which are, in Gumtree’s opinion, in a significantly wrong category do not benefit from the Promotion.
Any ads which do not comply with Gumtree’s Terms of Use, including, without limitation, Gumtree’s Posting Rules, do not benefit from the Promotion.
All Features bought through professional or automated tools, such as (but not limited to) API feeds, are excluded from this promotion.
General Terms

Gumtree reserves the rights to:

suspend, change or cancel the Promotion at any time, in the event of circumstances arising which, in Gumtree’s opinion, make it necessary for it to do so;
add additional terms and conditions for certain parts of this Promotion;
exclude users on the basis that Gumtree believes that they do not respect Gumtree’s Terms of Use;
round up Features’ prices to the nearest decimal when applying the discount on current prices.
Gumtree’s Terms of Use and Posting Rules apply to any use of the website and to any Features bought and ad posted during the Promotional Period in the “For Sale” category.

In particular, and without limitation, all participants in the Promotion acknowledge and agree that Gumtree’s refunds policy, as established in its Terms of Use, applies to Bump Ups bought at the occasion of the Promotion. Please refer to Gumtree’s Refunds Help Page to find out in which case you may, or may not, be entitled to a refund of any Feature fee.

The present Promotion is not cumulative with any other offer or promotion impacting the prices of the Bump Ups.

Any decision of Gumtree regarding any aspect of this Promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

These Terms and Conditions and the Promotion are governed by English law.

Please visit Gumtree’s Support and Help Page for any query related to this Promotion or to your use of the website, applications or tools.


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