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Friday 22 March 2013, by

We invited our friend at Mum in the Mad House to give us her tips for a great spring clean!

With spring time upon us, many of us will now want to have a good clear through their clutter.

As a parent of two boys, this is a brilliant opportunity to get them to take a look at their toys and to sell any that are in good condition to try and make a little easy, extra cash.

In my garage there are two boxes, one for the charity shop or passing on to friends, and another for things that I am looking to sell. When it comes to children’s toys, I try and make sure that items have been in the box for at least a month and that the children have not asked for them.  It’s really important not to let your child see them, as they will always want to play with them; this is especially true for toddlers.

Gumtree is a great place for selling things as it is quick and easy and most importantly FREE, there are no listing fees.  You can also list by location so it’s perfect for larger items that you want people to collect, like sofas or old TVs.

My top tips:

  • Make sure any item that you want to sell is clean and remember to take a good picture, or more than one picture, to showcase all of its angles.  If it’s dark inside then take the item outside for the picture.  From experience, listings with pictures always sell better!
  • From baby to bump and beyond,  both you and the little one will fluctuate in size meaning that you can often only wear something once or twice before it no longer fits – don’t hold onto bundles of babygros or maternity clothes, pop them online and make some extra cash.
  • Don’t be nostalgic with bigger items such as cots, prams or high chairs – they take up room and the chances are someone else will be looking for the exact same thing. Sell them to a good home and spend the cash on buying something that you’ll actually get some use out of.
  • Give your ad some personality – if the item you’re selling has good memories attached to it, don’t be afraid to include it in the description, nobody wants to read an ad that sounds like it’s been generated by a robot!
  • Make sure your listing contains all the relevant information.  If you are selling clothes, list the colour, size, brand and condition.  For toys, make sure that you tell people a little bit about them and what age range they are suitable for.  Always be honest.
  • If you really want your ad to get noticed, look into promoting your ad by making it featured or by ‘bumping up’ your ad. Find out more here.

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