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What a Christmas jumper can do for you

Thursday 12 December 2013, by

It’s nearly Christmas time, and your diary is probably chock-a-block full of social obligations, festive cheer (or is that ‘beer’?) and bleary eyes.  And whenever the halls get decked with boughs of holly, it’s also time to crack out your most prized seasonal possession. Your guilty pleasure. The one dazzling item of clothing that has you beaming from ear to ear and your eyes twinkling: the Christmas jumper.

Everyone should have one, whether it’s a vintage classic from Granddad’s wardrobe, a charity-shop special, or a cheeky last-minute buy from the high street. At any other time of year those clashing colours and offensive patterns would be a fashion nightmare, but come Christmas the snowflakes, reindeers and tinsel-flecked sweaters are everywhere.

So here at Gumtree we’ve decided to celebrate the Christmas jumper in all its glory The idea of Christmas Jumper Day is to ‘wear a sweater to make a life better’ by donating at least a £1. See the Save the Children site for details on how you and your company can donate.

A Christmas jumper will make you…










We cannot explain it, nor can Santa himself, but the instant the snug knitwear is pulled over your head, the world is a brighter place: strangers become allies as you glimpse their tinsel-streaked Christmas tree glinting proudly from beneath their dull and lifeless overcoats. Offices seem brighter, winter wardrobes a little chirpier. Even that stern faced fellow in accounting looks like he’d welcome a Christmas cuddle. And is that a mischievous smile we see gracing your grumpy boss’s lips?

So on Friday 13 December, wear your bobbly, oversized, primary coloured jumper with pride. Embrace that added spring in your step and flash that reindeer emblazoned sweater like its 1989. Because well, nothing can be wrong when you’re in a cracking Christmas jumper!

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