Gumtree get behind Get Safe Online Week

Tuesday 30 October 2012, by

Last week was Get Safe Online Week, and Gumtree were pleased to support this ongoing campaign for online safety.

The theme for this year’s Week was ‘Click & Tell’. It’s a great way you can help other people to …


Girls need a guide when it comes to buying a car

Friday 5 October 2012, by


For many, buying a car will be the second biggest purchase after a house. Yet a new study by us into the nation’s car-purchasing habits reveals that UK adults aren’t conducting adequate research before investing in a new motor …


How to report an ad on Gumtree

Wednesday 26 September 2012, by

We work around the clock to try and keep Gumtree as clean and safe as can be, but with over 2 million ads live at any one time, it can be a little tricky. You might occasionally see an ad …


Making Gumtree safe for buyers and sellers

Friday 25 May 2012, by

We want every single one of you to have a safe and successful visit to Gumtree, whether you are buying or selling, searching or advertising, and we do loads to keep you protected – including stuff you might not even …


Guest blog post with Justine Pannett, RSPCA

Monday 27 February 2012, by

A guest post from Justine Pannett, Get Puppy Smart Campaign Manager at the RSPCA talking about pedigree dogs.

Don’t be fooled by a ‘pedigree’ dog

What do you look for when choosing a puppy? Looks, size, breed perhaps? And how …


Gumtree and Dogs Trust

Thursday 1 December 2011, by

Here at the welfare of our furry friends is something close to our heart.  We take all matters of animal and pet protection very seriously, so we’ve teamed up with the Dogs Trust to help support their ‘A Dog …


Gumtree Pets – part 2

Friday 24 June 2011, by

Here’s the next instalment in our series of pet blogs. This week we’re looking at how to happily settle in a  new cat or dog to your home.

Preparing your home for a new arrival

Moving to a new home …


Guest blog post – Justine Pannett, RSPCA

Tuesday 10 May 2011, by

A guest post from Justine Pannett, Get Puppy Smart Campaign Manager at the RSPCA

We’ve worked with for a number of years now, helping them with posting rules for the pets category, and consulting on important issues such as …