Post more ads on mobile

Thursday 19 December 2013, by

2013 was a great year for Gumtree, and thanks to the constant improvement of our mobile apps we’ve made it as one of Google’s “Best 15 Apps of 2013” and one of Apple’s top free apps of the …


First Time Motors Buyer?

Sunday 17 November 2013, by

We’ve had a look at the cost of buying your first car, and there might be a few surprises!

So here’s some advice for getting a great deal, and some top tips on the used cars that give you the …


Join the Cycle Revolution!

Friday 27 September 2013, by

Gumtree and Police working together to stamp out cycle thieves

With this summer’s cycling success, you might be tempted to hop on a bike and join in the fun. With over 22,000 bikes for sale Gumtree is a great place …


Reporting Spoof Gumtree Emails And Websites

Wednesday 19 June 2013, by

The biggest threats to the security of your Gumtree account are fraudulent spoof and phishing emails.

Spoof emails look like real Gumtree emails but and include links to “phishing” web sites, or fraudulent services that they claim are endorsed by …


Get Ticket Savvy This Summer

Thursday 25 April 2013, by

We’re big music fans here at Gumtree and can’t wait to don our wellies and get into the spirit of the summer festival season.  Whether you’re searching for last minute tickets to V Festival, the Isle of Wight, or some …


Buying a Bike on Gumtree

Wednesday 20 February 2013, by

Buying and selling bikes on Gumtree is quick and easy, and we do a lot behind the scenes at Gumtree to make our site as safe as possible.

Inevitably, there are some bike thieves who use classified sites to sell …


Our top tips for buying a car

, by

Unless you’re a trained mechanic, buying a car can be a bit daunting at the best of times. So we’d like to offer a helping hand.

Here are our top tips for checking a vehicle before buying:

  • Meet your buyer

Look out for fake emails, friends!

Monday 21 January 2013, by

From time to time we see a number of fake emails targeting the Gumtree community. This is a sneaky tactic called ‘Phishing’ and with your help, we want to reduce the number of people who get caught by these fraudsters.…


Keep Safe at Xmas

Friday 23 November 2012, by

We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous new year.

And whether you come to us to for a new job, to sell your unwanted Christmas presents, or to buy a new