Stay smart when buying hi-tech

Wednesday 11 March 2015, by

Looking for a new mobile, laptop or tablet device? Well, there are loads on Gumtree and a secondhand model can be a great way of getting the device you want at an affordable price. As ever, there are a few important tips to be aware of which will help you be safer when buying a …read more


Our advice on buying or selling tickets

Friday 6 March 2015, by

Our advice on buying or selling tickets Whether you’re searching for a last-minute ticket to see your favourite band, or need to flog your ticket to a sold-out sporting event, here’s our advice on buying and selling tickets online: Always meet face-to-face in a safe, public environment Ask lots of questions about the tickets, such …read more


Just The Ticket

Thursday 15 May 2014, by

With a great summer of sport and more music festivals than ever before, it’s no surprise that we have thousands of users looking for a great deal on tickets. However, it’s important that when you’re looking on Gumtree for last-minute tickets to see a band or an event, that you make sure you’re getting what …read more


Heartbleed – Gumtree users are safe

Thursday 17 April 2014, by

Some of you may have been concerned about Heartbleed, the internet bug that was found to affect thousands of websites worldwide. It stemmed from a problem affecting the Open SSL security protocol adopted by some websites – the security software that encrypts your login details. (You can read more about it here, thanks to our …read more


Buying or selling a bike?

Wednesday 5 February 2014, by

It’s getting to that time of year when you might want to get back outside and enjoy the fresh air, and what better way to do so than on a shiny new bike? You may remember, back in September we told you how we were working with the police to cut cycle theft across the …read more


Last Minute Living: A Guide to Securing Hot Tickets

Thursday 30 January 2014, by

We’re all fans of something. So it’s not surprising that many of us have gone to great lengths to gain entry to our favourite concerts, festivals and live events at some point. When it comes to securing those hot tickets, we’ve all been through frustration of frantically redialling a box office phone number at 9am …read more


Read our advice on staying safe when looking for a job

Tuesday 28 January 2014, by

At Gumtree, we want to try and make your job search as easy and enjoyable as we possibly can. However, like everyone, we know that it can be stressful at the best of times so we’ve put together some advice to help you find a job safely. We recommend that you always research the business whose vacancy you …read more


Ticket Safety

Monday 30 December 2013, by

When you’re looking on Gumtree for last-minute tickets to see your favourite band, or to follow your favourite team at a cup final, you want to make sure you really are getting what you pay for. But how can you stay safe when buying tickets online? Well, here’s some Gumtree advice to make sure you …read more


Post more ads on mobile

Thursday 19 December 2013, by

2013 was a great year for Gumtree, and thanks to the constant improvement of our mobile apps we’ve made it as one of Google’s “Best 15 Apps of 2013” and one of Apple’s top free apps of the year. So how have we celebrated? By making it even better, of course! For a while now, …read more