Growing trend in couples looking for houseshares

Friday 3 December 2010, by, the online local noticeboard, has seen a growing trend of couples looking to join houseshares this year to reduce costs and help save money. As we all know, an unsteady house market, difficulties in securing mortgages and jobs dictating …

Cut thousands of pounds off household bills

Thursday 4 November 2010, by

Brits are slashing thousands of pounds off their household bills by making the most of what they have and opting for online bargains. One family recognised that these days you get congratulated for being savvy with your money and picked


Cash savvy mothers head to

, by has been championed as one of the best websites to make maternity pay go further and pick up essential childcare items at discounted rates. Mums should head to the site to find a great deal on everything from changing …


Commuters make the best neighbours

Monday 6 September 2010, by

Those who travel more than an hour and a half to work each day are most likely to give something back to their community. They are more likely to join social groups, host dinner parties, check on elderly neighbours and …


Send them back to school without breaking the bank

Wednesday 1 September 2010, by is the place to go to avoid spiralling back to school costs. Head to the ‘stuff for sale section’ to find everything from local school uniforms to stationary and books.

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Sunday Mirror, 29/08/2010, p.46