Find your dream motor with our improved categories!

Tuesday 13 August 2013, by

Great news, motor hunters! We’ve revved up our motors search engine to help you find the car of your dreams more easily. With over 170,000 cars now on site, we’re delighted to announce loads of new categories to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!   Here are the new car categories: ASTON MARTIN …read more


In praise of VW’s design icon

Tuesday 6 August 2013, by

We love the Volkswagen Beetle here at Gumtree.  It’s so cute and quirky.  A familiar, unique and lasting presence in our cultural landscape.  Makes you smile just to look at.  It also happens to be one of the most popular cars of all time. This week marks the tenth anniversary of the last ever Beetle …read more


Happy 150th birthday, Henry Ford

Thursday 1 August 2013, by

He’s not alive, you understand (at least we think not; Elvis still runs a camping shop in North Shields according to some sources) but this week sees the anniversary of this great pioneer’s birth and Gumtree wants to mark the occasion with a hearty “Well done, sir.” Ford’s rise to prominence was not a straightforward …read more


Rev Yourself Up With ‘90s Cars

Friday 7 June 2013, by

We love a classic car here at Gumtree.  Not the kind of banger you see clogging up the A23 between London and Brighton every November.  No, the vintage vehicles of the 1990s.  As in, “My dad used to drive a Ford Mondeo in ‘95 – classic!” If you fancy tootling around in your very own …read more


The Car That You Are

Monday 3 June 2013, by

Ever noticed how couples who’ve been together forever talk about having found their ‘soul mates’?  Well, we reckon there’s a similar truth about people and the cars they drive. Think about it.  Consciously or not, we humans make statements about ourselves with every single one of our possessions.  Every time we pull on a certain …read more