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Build your Halloween costume on Gumtree

Thursday 23 October 2014, by

Whether you have a fancy dress party to go to or you simply like dressing up and scaring the neighbours, Halloween is a great time to get creative. And creating your costume needn’t break the bank, because with all the bargains available on Gumtree it’s easy to get the look you’re after.

Face painting

face painting for children

Kids love having their faces painted and Halloween is a brilliant time to crack out the face paints. There are so many things you can do, from zombies to skeletons. In fact the only real limitation is your imagination. And perhaps your artistic talent!

If you fancy doing the face painting yourself there are often kits available on Gumtree. And if you’ve never done it before and you’re not sure where to start, don’t let that put you off. Go online and you’ll find loads of How To videos and plenty of inspiration for your designs.

If DIY sounds like it may be too difficult for you there are lots of face painters advertising their services on Gumtree so if you have children and are thinking about throwing a party this Halloween it might be worth drafting one in.

Silent film

silent film face painting

The silent film look is a stylish option if you can get hold of some black and white face paints. It is however quite an advanced costume and does take a bit of preparation. Men can get away with wearing a white shirt and a black tie with black or grey trousers and women should aim for 1920’s fashions, also in black, white and grey. To complete the look all exposed skin needs to be painted in various shades of grey. You can mix black and white face paints to get all the different shades of grey you need. This costume works really well if you do it as a couple. Get the look right and you’ll really stand out at any party.

Frankenstein’s monster


This one’s pretty easy if you have face paints. Paint your face and the backs of your hands green and add some scars in red. You can make a couple of bolts out of a toilet roll tube and you’re away. If you want to go a bit further then a blazer jacket that’s too small for you and a pair of trousers that are too short will complete the look. Especially if you add a few rips. An added bonus with this costume is you get to correct anyone referring to you as Frankenstein.

Vampire costume

dracula costumes


If you fancy dressing up as Dracula then you’ll have plenty of costumes to choose from – these are very popular on Gumtree. There’s children’s costumes, traditional cape and face paint versions and even adult varieties if you’re going to a rather more risqué party.

If you want to create the look yourself then white face paint, fake blood and a decent set of fangs are essential acquisitions. There’s plenty of room for some sartorial personalisation if you don’t fancy the classic cape look. Just make sure you keep it suitably gothic.

Umbrella bat

bat umbrella

This is one of those costumes that it takes guts to pull off. Get it right and you’ll almost certainly have one of the night’s most interesting costumes. Get it wrong however and you risk being laughed out of the party.  On the plus side this is a costume that’s fairly cheap to make and shouldn’t take too long to put together.

Simply remove the handle from an old umbrella so you’re left with the folding top part. Cut the top in half and you have your bat wings. Dress in black and secure the ‘bat wings’ to the cuffs of a black hoodie and to the sides and there you have it, the umbrella bat – wear it at your own risk!

If you don’t want to ruin your own umbrella you can always pick up a cheap brolly up on Gumtree.

Full instructions for the umbrella bat can be found here.

Emergency costumes

If you’ve left it far too late to do any of the above there are still some acceptable costumes you can knock up in five minutes without leaving the house…

Toilet paper mummy

mummy in toilet paper

This one’s as simple as getting a toilet roll from the bathroom and wrapping yourself from head to toe in it. This is a great costume if you don’t intend to leave the house. It’s not so great if you get caught in the rain.

The ghost

ghost costume

Nothing says I couldn’t be bothered more than the classic ghost costume – cutting two eyeholes in a sheet really is the ultimate in lazy costume making. You won’t get any points for originality or effort but at least you won’t be the only person at the party who didn’t come in fancy dress. The advantage of the ghost outfit is you won’t have to wear it on the way home!

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