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A Day at Bike1066

Wednesday 6 May 2015, by

Bike1066 drew more than 90,000 people together on Bank Holiday Monday in Hastings, East Sussex. Against a backdrop of the sea, the biggest free-to-attend motorbike show in the UK was the setting for the sights and sounds of more than 40,000 bikes.

Bike_1066_Hastings_May_Day_021 was at the event to find out about the bikes behind the people, and the stories behind the bikes.

Old and young, men and women, all spoke about the freedom their bikes gave them, traveling the UK and Europe, as well as the sense of community. Generations came together sharing tips and tales, sporty bikes for the young, touring bikes for the grandparents!


Michael from Belfast told us that he comes to Bike1066 every year, this time on a customised Harley Softail 2008, bought second hand. For some, like Scott and Niki, it was their first time at the event, having just bought their Suzuki Bandit three months ago. Other young riders, like Naomi, who grew up in a family of motorbike enthusiasts, was already on her third second hand bike.


Bikes, probably more than cars, reflect an owner’s identity, and customisations let people craft their image and their ride.


Eddie, from Southend, took ten years to build a bike, Byron had added decals to his red Ducati 899, while Andy from Eastbourne, at Bike1066 with a group of friends all on Vespas, had sewn every patch on his jacket by hand.

Jim “SpongeBob” from Dartford had built an entire trike around a Range Rover 4.2l V8 engine, with a SpongeBob themed caravan, to go alongside his collection of vintage tractors.

Bike 1066 Motorcycle Festival in Hastings

Against the hum of the engines and the crash of the waves, Bike1066 demonstrated the passion, pleasure and pride people have in their motorbikes. The sense of belonging to a large, extended family, was clear and we’d like to thank everyone who was so happy to share their stories with us.


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