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Anti Black Friday – join our movement against wasteful buying!

Wednesday 23 November 2016, by


Black Friday – the time of the year when hundreds of thousands of Brits go in to a shopping frenzy; frantically running around shopping centres while hunting for the best deals on brand new TVs, tablets, blenders and countless other bits and bobs. A whopping £627 million  (£133 per person) is spent in Britain alone during the Black Friday period, and even more shockingly, we spend £137 on brand new things that we already have at home. Just to really send shockwaves through the system, 1 in 10 people never even use the things they buy during this consumerist holiday!

What a waste!

With our #AntiBlackFriday campaign, we, at Gumtree, are taking a stand against this wasteful behaviour. We encourage everyone to think twice before they spend money on superfluous new items – because, let’s face it, do you really need yet another tablet or another BBQ grill just because some ad tells you that it’s cheap? Instead of rampaging through overcrowded shops this Friday, have a look around your own four walls. You might be surprised to discover how many things you can share, reuse and upcycle instead of wasting your savings on something brand new. Better still, you could even make money with #AntiBlackFriday by going through your drawers and picking out things you no longer need and want to sell. We hear there’s a great little site called Gumtree that’s free to list on too! And if you’re feeling particularly giving, why not make use of our freebie section and offer someone in your local area one of your used items for free?

Join our #AntiBlackFriday movement now. Stop wasting, start sharing!

Head to our Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up with #AntiBlackFriday news and information and search for #AntiBlackFriday on Twitter to get involved in the movement!


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