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Adventures on Gumtree: Finding a flatmate

Friday 2 October 2009, by

Take some effort with your adHere’s a great story we got from a Gumtree user who was moving out of her flatshare and how she used the site to look for her replacement. We just love this story because it just shows that with a little effort, your ad can bring you lots of responses.

For 6 hellish months, I lived with the worst kind of flatmates.  They were noisy, they were messy, they used my shampoo and they put meat products all over my vegetarian leftover meals. I was not a happy camper.

But then there was a ray of light: an opportunity to move into a nice flat with a nice person.  Although I had never signed a contract, I did the honourable thing and told my current flatmates my intention of moving out with a month’s notice.

About 2 weeks before I was due to move out, I became increasingly paranoid, seeing as how I hadn’t noticed anyone coming around to view the room yet and my moving date was looming ever nearer.  I asked my flatmates if  they’d even put an ad up on Gumtree yet. They had, but so far there had been no response.

I dug the ad up myself: It was horrible. One poorly-written block of text and no pictures. I wouldn’t have answered the ad either.  So against my will but in my best interests, I helped out my ex-flatmates.  I snapped some pictures of my room (the only clean one in the house!) in the afternoon light and posted them with a rewritten description on Gumtree Thursday night.

By Friday more than a dozen people had responded by email, text and voicemail.  They had more than half a dozen viewings lined up for Saturday afternoon. By Saturday night, the room was taken and by Sunday I had my deposit back.

Gumtree definitely works. You just need to be sure you’re doing it right.

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Jia Min

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