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5 ways to make your home even homelier this bank holiday.

Wednesday 16 August 2017, by

Hands up if you’re as excited about the bank holiday weekend as we are! That extra-long snooze, more time to yourself and even opportunity to finish home improvements you’ve been promising to get around to!

If you’re planning on sprucing up your home this weekend, here are a few of our favourite décor hacks:


Enjoy the beauty of nature, indoors!

The simplest, yet arguably most beautiful way to give your home a happy vibe is by bringing the beauty of nature indoors. Try dotting a few house plants around the place, a cactus or two here and an aloe vera plant there works a treat!


Get a handle on it – the furniture, of course.

Add a unique twist to the most ordinary of furniture simply by replacing the handles. It’s the perfect opportunity to be quirky as they don’t even need to match!


Organise your cupboards to organise your life.

Glass jars make for the perfect storage solution for any kitchen pantry or cupboard. The fact jars are air tight means they’re super handy for keeping your cereals and baking ingredients fresh, all whilst looking blissfully organised!


…mirror it!

Even in the smallest of apartments, mirrors work wonders when you’re trying to brighten up a room. Add a large framed mirror to the back wall or jazz the place up a little by creating your very own ‘wall of mirrors’. Be sure to mix and match shapes and sizes, the more random the better!


And finally, light it up.

Lights make ALL the difference when it comes to making your home feel homelier. Add a bright lamp to your office desk, drape fairy lights across your room, or place a warm side lamp in the living room to make your evenings on the sofa extra cosy!

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