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5 ways to make your Black Friday buys even more rewarding

Wednesday 22 November 2017, by

Black Friday is over for another year, and if you read our last blog on How to Clear Out and Cash In in time for Black Friday, then hopefully you’ll have raised the funds to buy something great in the sales! We’ve been thinking of the best ways to make those shiny new purchases even more rewarding, and here’s our top 5!

New record player? It deserves pride of place!

Vinyls and record players are making a come back in big ways. If you snapped yourself a beautiful player at a bargain price, be sure to show it off proudly. Perhaps a vintage mid century record cabinet will do the trick? Gumtree is also a brilliant place to find incredible vinyls!

TV upgrade? You’ll want this handy gadget!

TV’s have been flying off the shelves at incredible prices this year. What better way to celebrate the new arrival than with a box set marathon! Gadgets such as Fire TV sticks and Chromecast are nifty for boosting your TV capabilities and bringing you all of those long awaited Stranger Things episodes. *Grabs popcorn*

Ignite your passion for a new hobby.

If you’ve bought a shiny new set of golf clubs in the sale, you’ll want to get yourself looking the part. The good news is it’s easier and more affordable than you think! Find your accessories on Gumtree, whether it be a golf bag, golf balls, gloves or tees.

Hygge it out.

The Danish practice of Hygge is all about enjoying the little things in life, that feeling of being warm and cosy in the Winter, for example. Many of you will have taken advantage of the Black Friday Sofa sales, and with a cosy couch to look forward to you’ll need to accessorise! Textures are the way to go, from cushions to throws and blankets. You may even want to find a few candles to really get that cosy feeling.

Forever the gamer.

We all know that Black Friday brings BIG discounts on games consoles. If you cleared out your unwanted stuff to make room for a new console this year, Gumtree could be your next stop as it’s home to thousands of games and accessories. What’s more, you can re-list games back on Gumtree when you’re done with them to cash in and fund your next!




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