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10 ways to enjoy a typically British summer

Wednesday 21 June 2017, by

With the temperatures exceeding 30 degrees this week we can safely say that summer has finally arrived! With June 21st being the official first day of summer we just can’t wait to get outside for our dose of UV rays. Of course, the summer holidays are still a while away. But we’ve got 10 ideas how you and your family can enjoy a taste of summer right in front of your doorstep…

 1. Swing it, Baby!


Summer equals endless hours of playing in the garden or at the playground. Want to be your kids’ hero? Why not have a snoop around these swing sets or climbing frames?

 2. Go for a ride on two wheels


Who wants to spend their summer in a stuffy car? Bikes are the way to go this summer. Have a browse and pick up the perfect two-wheeled companion for yourself and the kids.

 3. Host a family football cup


Can’t wait to get outside to kick the ball around? Make your family match more challenging by buying some football goals and nets – or maybe you prefer a foosball table when your stamina is a bit low in this heat…

 4. Take a siesta


When the kids have tired themselves out running around on the lawn – and you desperately need a break as well – take a rest in the garden. Check out these garden swings or how about a classic sun bed?

 5. Hang by the pool


If the heat becomes unbearable and iced drinks aren’t cutting it anymore get splashing in your backyard. Whether you want a paddling pool for the little ones or get a swimming pool for the advanced water lovers we’ve got you covered. Get your maritime accessories too, from inflatable mattresses to baby swim rings and goggles.

 6. Family campsite


If you’re the outdoorsy type then you’ll be in your element this summer. Take your family on a camping trip and pick up some adventure essentials to accompany you. Tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks can be found on our site.

 7. Dine under blue skies


One of our favourite things, when the sun is out, is getting everyone together for a meal. Why not organise a picnic with friends and family and buy some hampers, chairs, and blankets right here?

 8. Family beach day


Treat your fam to a day at the beach! And once you’ve got sun cream, towels, and bathing suits all packed be sure to pick up a parasol, beach chair, and a cool box for the perfect beach combo.

 9. Have a run around at the park


The park is an obvious destination for families when it’s warm outside. Grab a good book to get immersed in in the shade or go for a round of badminton when you’ve been lying around in the sun for too long…

 10. BBQ summer party

A great summer is not complete without a BBQ with all your friends and family. If you’re still lacking the proper equipment get your hands on a BBQ now.

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