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Who’s getting talked about?

Friday 23 January 2015, by

Who’s getting talked about?

This week in the fantastic Twisted Fairytale themed House, the celebs have been challenged with tasks, shock exits and some tense moments. The public have been buzzing about events inside the famous House and we’ve been joining in with the thousands of CBB conversations taking place online!

Check out who has you talking the most this week:




Once again, Katie Hopkins has commanded your chatter, her outspoken nature blooming as her rivalry with Perez grows! It’s no surprise then that Perez is the second most mentioned Housemate of this week.

Nominated along with Perez, Calum and Alicia have been talked about more than the other Housemates.


Despite her grand entrance and selection of special tasks, Katie Price has been talked about the least. Perhaps this will change after she has spent longer inside the House!


Tune in tonight for the second live eviction!



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