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Who’s getting talked about? CBB Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday 26 January 2015, by



Following Alicia’s eviction on Friday night, let’s see who you’ve been talking about in the Celebrity Big Brother House this weekend!


As their rivalry continues, Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton continue to dominate conversations across the web. Between them, they’re creating more chatter than all of the other Housemates put together! Katie H is getting a mix of positive and negative mentions, suggesting that perhaps our prediction about her is coming true after all?

Since her surprise entrance, Katie Price has become the least talked about Housemate. Far from clashing with her fellow celebs, she has been trying to keep the peace. Despite his task to try and make his deadpan Housemates laugh, Keith Chegwin hasn’t gotten you talking much, either.

Will Katie H continue to win our hearts or will one of the other celebs come out on top of this Twisted Fairytale? Only time will tell!



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