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Who’s getting talked about? CBB Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday 2 February 2015, by


It was another eventful weekend in the Celebrity Big Brother House! We’ve been paying attention to which Housemates have got you guys talking the most!




The ‘two-headed Katie monster’ that is Katie Hopkins and Katie Price have been the most talked about celebs this weekend, their big bust up on Friday’s show fuelling the conversations about the outspoken pair.

Even without his best mate Nadia to back him up, Perez continued to be one of the most mentioned celeb Housemates over the weekend. Calum was the fourth most mentioned celebrity as he continues to get close to Cami-Li.

Michelle, Kavana, Keith and Cami-Li all continue to cause considerably less buzz than their Housemates.

With less than a week to go, is it too late for any of them to win over the British public? We’ll find out by Friday!


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