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Who’s being talked about in Celebrity Big Brother?

Thursday 8 January 2015, by

Who’s being talked about in Celebrity Big Brother? Last night, millions of you tuned in to see a fresh group of 14 celebrities enter the famous CBB House – which has been furnished with a bit of help from Gumtree and your listings<>!

When your eyes weren’t glued to your screens, you were tweeting in your thousands about your favourite (and not so favourite) housemates! So we’ve worked with our friends at Brandwatch to check just how much each celeb got you talking before, during and after the live show on Channel 5.

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It comes as no surprise that the loud and proud Katie Hopkins got a lot of mentions on Twitter. Staggeringly, though, she was actually talked about more than all 13 of her fellow housemates put together! The self-proclaimed “queen of all media”, Perez Hilton, got almost 6,000 mentions, while Keith Chegwin and Calum Best enjoyed almost 3,000 mentions each.

However, at the bottom end of the scale, soap star icon Ken Morley failed to make an impression on social media with 387 mentions, while Celebrity Masterchef winner Nadia Sawalha was tweeted about a mere 442 times.

Which celebrities have got you chatting?


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