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Who won the nearly-new Mini on Gumtree?

Friday 2 January 2015, by

Starting on Boxing Day, we gave you the chance to win a Mini Cooper Roadster S by replying to an ad on Gumtree. We had over 10,000 entries, but there was only one Mini, and there’s only one lucky winner!

Drum roll, please…

Congratulations to Neil Winfield from Sunderland the proud new owner of the Mini Cooper Roadster S!

We got in contact with Neil earlier today. He was over the moon to hear he had won:
“Oh My God. Really? I won? I won? I’m shaking! Wowowowowowow This is amazing. Thank you so much.”

While we had him on the phone, we couldn’t miss the chance to chat to our lucky winner about his previous experiences with Gumtree.

Gumtree: What’s your experience of Gumtree? Have you ever bought or sold anything on the site?
Neil Winfield: Yes, I’ve used Gumtree to sell items before. It’s easy and simple to use and the communication features are great.

G: What’s your favourite car?
NW: My beloved first car was a Ford Fiesta 1.1 which I bought while I was learning to drive. But my favourite car is the Ford Focus.I learned to drive in one and they’re great to drive.

G: What made you enter the competition?
NW: I saw your competition and entered straight away, the main reason is that I liked the look of the prize and it was really easy to enter.

G: What’s your New Year’s resolution?
NW: This year I’m hoping to get fit, starting with the gym when I manage to shift this cold. I’m going away to Benidorm in September so I have to work on my “beach bod”

We’re really pleased for Neil! And we can help him to sell that Peugeot 307 too!

Selling and buying motors on Gumtree is simple and convenient and there are over 100,000 motors to search on the site. Take a look for yourself now!


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