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What type of driver are you?

Thursday 26 June 2014, by


Like anywhere in life, the roads we drive on are full of stereotypes. Whilst some people blend in with the rest of the traffic, a few prefer to make a statement with the cars they drive.

Do you recognise any of these characters? Which of them drive you crazy?  And most importantly, which cars suit your personality ? Are you a classic cars connoisseur, or do you dream of being a sports car aficionado?

The Chelsea Mummy

She’s invested in a high end off road vehicle capable of driving up Mount Everest. However even this supertractor struggles with the 10-minute school run in London’s endless traffic jams…

The Tinkerer

This man’s vintage car is his pride and joy. He often spends whole Saturday afternoons cleaning, polishing and admiring his beloved motor. However there’s just one thing – he’s never actually seen driving his cherished automobile!

The Boy Racer

He’s just got his first car, even if it is a second-hand ford Fiesta passed down from an uncle or aunt. No matter. He’s got no problem spending his teenage trust fund decking it out with go-faster stripes, a stereo worth more than the car itself and an upgraded double exhaust system.

The Girly-girl

She bleaches her hair, dresses up her pet pooch Snuggles and adores any item of clothing embellished with diamanté, so this girly-girl needs a vehicle to match. This car isn’t just for getting around; it’s a way of showing what this girl is all about! Beep, beep? Bling, bling!

The Midlife Man

He’s hit a crossroads in life, with a secure job, a loving family and a decent income, but somewhere amongst the years he’s lost that ‘cool factor’ he’s tried so desperately to hold on to. So surely investing in his dream sports car will reverse all his nagging feelings of being slightly… past it?

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