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What could an England player spend his weekly wages on this summer?

Wednesday 11 June 2014, by

We can all remember it – looking up to our parents as a kid and proudly declaring in an incredible moment of clarity what our future career will definitely be. Perhaps you wanted to be an astronaut, zooming up into space at the speed of light, or an international superstar, astounding the crowds with your breath-taking voice. Or maybe your ultimate goal was to become a football champion, blasting the ball in the back of the net as thousands of fans chant your name.

As we grow up, hopes and dreams inevitably change. But for a select few, fantasies like becoming a premiership football player actually come true. For those that are gifted enough to make the England football squad, it means receiving a monthly cheque that would make the Queen do a forward roll. The average yearly wage of an England football player is a whopping £5,527,000, meaning members get a hefty £106,000 a week to spend!  For the most of us, that would mean never having to worry about paying the bills on time, or having the opportunity to afford an amazing home for the family. But what could the team buy that might be of use? Perhaps they would be interested in a well-equipped laundrette in order to get all those football kits washed regularly, or maybe they could get their teeth whitened to keep their pearly whites in tip-top condition for all those photo opportunities.

From thousands of trips on The London Eye to hundreds of World Cup Final tickets, we’ve put together this graphic that illustrates just how much an England football player’s eye-bogglingly high wage can buy.

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A Gumtree graphic - England football players wages and what they can buy

What could an England player spend his weekly wages on this summer? is a graphic produced by Gumtree UK.

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