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Watch our CBB ads – #talkingfurniture

Monday 12 January 2015, by

If you’ve been keeping up with all the Celebrity Big Brother action so far (and there’s been a lot of it!) you’ll have spotted some talking furniture by now, too. This year, as part of our sponsorship of CBB, we’ve created a series of cracking bumper ads, giving a selection of furniture some celebrity-sized egos.

Chairs, lamps, sofas and kettles can be found gossiping, arguing over who’s stolen the milk, hogging the limelight, and generally acting like divas. Tasks, evictions, tantrums, love affairs – we’ve got it all.

There are 28 idents in total, being shown in each ad break on the nightly shows and eviction nights, and also on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. And we’ve already seen life start to imitate art – with certain celebrity housemates acting just like our limelight-stealing lamp and annoying mug!

Example vids:

Our little ads are our way of celebrating the CBB house itself, as Gumtree thinks the interior décor is a star of the show in its own right. Making furniture the star of our ads is the perfect way to show how you too can give your home a new lease of life with Gumtree.

And if you remember, we’ve already helped give the famous CBB house a new life. This year, Gumtree sellers helped to furnish the most beautiful CBB house yet, as more than 50,000 items were offered to the show’s producers when we gave Gumtree sellers the chance to sell their items to CBB. There are now four items in the house, tying in perfectly with this year’s ‘twisted fairytale’ theme!

We hope you like the ads – and here’s the link to watch them all on YouTube.


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