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Thursday 4 February 2010, by

A month ago, we introduced you to a sneak preview of the changes coming soon to Gumtree. We’re really glad so many of you took the time to tell us what you thought. We’ve taken your feedback, the good along with the bad (well, we didn’t think we’d get it right the first time round), and can now show you an updated version with the top 5 improvements you wanted for the new Gumtree:

  • A truly local search in your area*
    How you search and find what you want has remained a big focus for us. In December, we introduced the ability to search in your city and neighbouring cities (see the Before picture). Now, you can zoom in and search in your local area. E.g. Not only can you now search for a 1-bed flat in Islington, you’ll also be able to search in Angel. If there aren’t enough results in Angel, we’ll also show you 1-bed flats available in nearby areas like King’s Cross and Old Street.Search in your local area now
  • Search by postcode or area name
    Before: select your location by drop-down
    Now: Enter your area nameCurrently, you have to select the city you want to search in using a drop-down menu (see the Before picture above). We’ve taken away the drop-down, and you can freely enter any area you like, whether it’s by postcode (full or partial) or your area name. This will bring you more focused results, and should save you time having to look through lots of irrelevant ads.
  • See prices at a glance in results
    You’ve told us you’d like to see prices of items or services without clicking on each individual ad. We’ve added a price column in the main results page, which means you can now scan through prices quickly.
  • Faster page loading times
    More pictures on the site means pages take a little longer to load. We don’t want your search on Gumtree to be slowed down by this, so we took a close look at our website code, and have improved page loading times.
  • Improved category structure
    Following your advice, we’ve adjusted our category structure to make it easier to find what you’re looking for when browsing the site E.g. Musical Instruments has been given its own sub-category directly under Stuff for Sale

* For now, this is only available in London. We’ll be introducing these changes to the rest of UK in our next update.

Along with these improvements, we’ve also fixed a number of kinks you found in the system, like problems using the site with Internet Explorer 6 or pictures not appearing in some Firefox browsers.

We think we’re moving in the right direction so far – the number of replies to ads posted on the sneak peek site has increased by 20%. We know there’s lots more work to be done. We’re still working on improving the look of the site after hearing your thoughts, and hope to show you new designs soon. And we’ll also be introducing all these exciting changes to Gumtree Ireland as well.

If you haven’t tried the new Gumtree site yet, now’s a great time to opt in. We’re still gathering comments and suggestions, so please head over to our forum to tell us what you think.

Jia Min

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