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Tonight’s CBB Double Eviction

Wednesday 4 February 2015, by


We’re really excited for tonight’s double eviction from the fabulously decorated Celebrity Big Brother House! Which celeb is going to be saved by your votes? Who is going to be treated to the best bits with Emma Willis? We can’t wait to find out!

You have been ranting and raving about your favourite Housemates so we’ve analysed who has been causing the biggest buzz, as well as whose mentions are positive and negative. Check out the chatter:


As has been the case since they entered the Twisted Fairytale themed House, the most talked about celebs are Perez Hilton, Katie H and Katie P. All three have been brilliantly brash so it’s no surprise that they all have twice as many negative mentions as positive ones!

Likewise, Kavana and Michelle are starting more bad conversations than good ones. They aren’t causing nearly as much buzz as their fellow Housemates; will they be getting many of the votes tonight?

Only Keith and Calum are creating more positive mentions than negative ones. Will Friday’s Live Final be a showdown between two Mr nice Guys? Stay tuned to see who stays and who goes tonight!


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