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The hot BBQ debate

Friday 12 September 2014, by

We’re in the peak of summer and for once, good ol’ Blighty is actually sweltering with heat! And what usually happens when there’s even a sliver of sunshine in the usually rain-sodden Britain? Yep, you’ve got it! Out comes the BBQ, along with enough meat to serve a wedding banquet and dad’s hilariously-bad jokes.

But wait, would it be best to invest in a gas barbeque? Or is a coal barbeque a bit more, you know, authentic? The hot debate on which method of barbequing always seems to get everyone fired up, and for good reason. Opinions are pretty much divided, with charcoal barbeques only just beating gas, with 51% of people preferring the more natural method of sizzling up those sausages.

If you’re sitting on the (garden) fence, have a gander at our info-graphic and ponder over the pros and cons of each method. Perhaps the higher cost of a gas barbeque will burn your wallet, or maybe the extra mess a charcoal barbeque makes will fire you up to start up a blazon row? You decide!


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