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Spend or save? See how your Christmas shopping compares to the average Brit

Thursday 18 December 2014, by

Money Advice Service

According to the Money Advice Service’s annual Christmas spending survey, the average UK adult will spend £530 on Christmas this year ña £2bn increase on the £24bn we spent as a nation last year.

Presents account for a big chunk of this money, with people expecting to spend £217 on average, and Brits are also eating through their budget with food and drink costs – with £109 reckoned to be spent on festive fare and tipples.

At Gumtree, we loved seeing that 17% of people are happy to sell items to make a bit of cash ñ that makes perfect sense to us, especially as itís free to sell an item on our site.

Take a look at the Money Advice Serviceís excellent infographic showing the full story of the nationís Christmas spending and see how you compare.

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