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Snooze in Style: Get Big Brother’s Beautiful Bedroom Look at Home

Tuesday 20 January 2015, by

Is your bedroom ready for a star makeover? The Celebrity Big Brother housemates may have had more than a few restless nights in the house so far, but no one can say they haven’t been sleeping in style. This year’s bedroom is one of the most spacious and sumptuous yet.

The show’s Twisted Fairytale theme has been brought to life in the bedroom with beautiful wall paintings of twisted trees and giant owls. Enchanted mirrors are all around, with bold leaf-print bedding and lashings of faux fur to keep the housemates warm in the depths of winter.

The cool colour scheme of greys, blues, silver, wine and cream creates a rich and comfortable setting for catching up on their beauty sleep, and there are quirky touches, like the wall of handbags, to appeal to the OTT side of celebrity too.

If you’ve been envying the housemate’s sleeping quarters this year, then you’re in luck – thanks to Gumtree, for the first time ever, you can buy everything you need to get the Celebrity Big Brother bedroom look at home.

Check out the great selection of items you can buy straight from the celebrity house right here on Gumtree once the show has ended.

Double Bed

Double Bed

Unlike last year, most of the celebrity housemates have the luxury of having a bed to themselves. There is one double bed in there though – at the moment it’s being shared by Cami Li and the new princess of the house, Katie Price. Their beautiful double bed frame is up for grabs on Gumtree right now, and you’d be mad to miss it. Its neutral colour and classic style makes it an easy match for any bedroom. You’ll be sleeping in A-list CBB luxury – without having to put up with any celebrity snoring or late night antics!

Bedside tables

Bedside tablesJust think – you could be setting down your bedtime book and mug of Ovaltine on the very same bedside table as one of the housemates. There are four CBB bedside tables for sale right now, each of them a delicious Art Deco-style piece in metallic silver. 70cm tall, and with mirrored finishing to give a classic, opulent look, you’ll add a touch of glamour to your boudoir in an instant.


HandbagsThere have been plenty of ‘handbags at dawn’ moments in CBB so far – so many that you might not have noticed one of the coolest, quirkiest design features in the house this year. While last year’s bedroom featured a wall packed with designer heels, this year’s bedroom backdrop has row upon row of gorgeous clutch handbags. There are 15 different handbags to choose from on Gumtree– each of them hanging on the celebrities’ bedroom wall right now, and every single one is fit for the red carpet. It’s your chance to bag yourself a bit of CBB history.

Recline in style

Mock-croc grey velvet upholstered chaise longueThis year’s CBB boudoir also features a spacious seating area – a place for the housemates to relax, have a chat, sit down and fix their hair and make up. There’s a beautiful mock-croc grey velvet upholstered chaise longue – originally bought by the CBB art directors directly from a lucky Gumtree seller. Or why not perch yourself on one of two luxury armchairs currently being enjoyed by the housemates. Chic and neutral, these fabulous armchairs will add a comfy focal point to any bedroom.

Scatter cushions

Scatter cushionsAnd you don’t have to have a celebrity-sized budget to buy a slice of CBB history on Gumtree. You can add an easy touch of luxury to your bedroom with one of four bedroom scatter cushions currently up for sale – two grey, and two pink – in sumptuous satin.

How to buy

If you’d like a chance to buy any of the CBB items for sale on Gumtree, all you need to do is reply to any ads you like the look of. You’ll then be entered into a prize draw, and the lucky winners will be invited to buy the item they’ve fallen in love with. Good luck!


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