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Rowlf – An instrument Success Story

Tuesday 15 October 2013, by

As you know, we love a success story at Gumtree, especially when we can play a part in it. And that’s exactly what’s happened down in Brighton, to Joss Peach. We’re pretty sure if you look up “piano success” in the dictionary, you’ll see his picture.

Joss has been a professional pianist for 20 years, even providing library music for some hit TV shows. However, Joss wanted to do something more interactive to keep his piano skills up to scratch, and with a live music scene that was struggling, he knew that to stand out from the crowd, he needed an act that was both “extrovert and spontaneous”.

Inspired by a busking pianist in the South of France and a Muppet costume that had helped him to victory in Red Bull’s first ever Flugtag, Joss had an idea. He dug out his Rowlf costume, and plotted to become Brighton’s most unique and popular busking pianist.

And that’s where we stepped in.

Joss came to Gumtree to find an acoustic piano; the sound of which he says has a “uniquely cheerful charm”, that he could attach some wheels to. After a quick search on Gumtree he was able to find exactly what he wanted – a small piano, which had hardly been used and was in great condition. Whilst joking that “it wasn’t quite a Steinway” Joss was able to get it for the great price of £160. As Joss said, “I got a great second hand instrument without a huge investment”. He also remembers that the lady who sold him the piano was delighted that her piano was going to be used by a local busker. Success all around!

Joss, or Rowlf as he is known to many, has now become extremely popular with the people of Brighton. As well as throwing coins into Rowlf’s “feed me” piggy bank, the huge crowds of passers-by have been known to provide Rowlf with pints of beer to keep him singing! And as a result of his act, Joss is now completely booked up until next summer to perform at weddings and parties of those who have seen and loved his act. BOOM! Instrument Success!


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