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Can you spot the real ads from the fake?

Tuesday 1 April 2014, by

Sorry guys, we may have played an April fools!

Okay, here at Gumtree we’ve got a big confession to make. To celebrate April fool’s day this year we thought we’d have a bit of a chuckle and post a couple of our own, completely made up ads. From the wacky to the weird, we put our heads together to invent some strange and outlandish ads.

After trowelling through our customer listings, we also spotted some more odd ads that are completely genuine and have been submitted by the public.

We’ve listed both the genuine and the fake together to compare.

Now the question is, can you tell the difference? Have a peek and let us know your thoughts!

Gumtree – real or fake? Large animal crate

Gumtree – real or fake? World record attempt

Gumtree – real or fake? Haunted my little pony!

Gumtree – real or fake? Psychopath!

Gumtree – real or fake? Slankets

Gumtree – real or fake? Wrestler

So, which ones do you think were fake? Leave your comments below!

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