Chat To Us For Longer

Wednesday 4 September 2013, by

At Gumtree, we love chatting to you guys. That’s why we’ve extended the hours you can speak to our Customer service team on our live chat.

So what does this mean?

Now you will be able to speak to a …


Car Personality [Infographic]

Tuesday 3 September 2013, by

Ever been told that people’s personalities are like their cars? Well, next time you’re stuck at the traffic lights, have a look at the person next to you. What does their car say about them? And what does yours say …


Did you notice something different today?

Tuesday 20 August 2013, by

At Gumtree we’re always working hard to make our site easy and useful for you, our loyal users.

We also know that many of you look at our website on a variety of devices these days. Yet you don’t always …


Happy 150th birthday, Henry Ford

Thursday 1 August 2013, by

He’s not alive, you understand (at least we think not; Elvis still runs a camping shop in North Shields according to some sources) but this week sees the anniversary of this great pioneer’s birth and Gumtree wants to mark the …