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A Guide to Preparing Your House for Halloween

Thursday 23 October 2014, by

Halloween is almost here and if you’re anything like us you’ll want to start getting ready as soon as possible. Which means planning costumes for the fancy dress party and turning your home into a suitably spooky setting for your …


Reed’s Success Story

Tuesday 21 October 2014, by

This week we met Reed, a photographer from London who picked up the camera of her dreams on Gumtree.

As a student on a budget, she knew what sort of equipment she wanted, but couldn’t afford to buy brand new. …


Shelley’s success story

Wednesday 15 October 2014, by

This week we met Shelley from Cardiff, a new mum who recently found success on Gumtree.

She needed a buggy that could handle the tricky terrain of the gorgeous beach, where she and her husband loved to walk the …


12 books to read before you die

Tuesday 14 October 2014, by

We all love a good book, whether you’re curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea or squashed on the tube with only the story in your hands to keep you calm.

And the choice is endless. We’ve …


15 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day

Wednesday 8 October 2014, by

Your wedding might be the best day of your life but can also prove to be the most expensive. We are usually tempted to spend, spend, spend but costs can quickly spiral out of control.

So how about purchasing a …


The hot BBQ debate

Friday 12 September 2014, by

We’re in the peak of summer and for once, good ol’ Blighty is actually sweltering with heat! And what usually happens when there’s even a sliver of sunshine in the usually rain-sodden Britain? Yep, you’ve got it! Out comes the …


Category updates to rock your world

Monday 8 September 2014, by

Do you like clothes? Or golf? Or domestic appliances?

Then we’ve got news for you!

OK, ok, maybe this is one of those updates that will not rock your world, but there’s definitely good news to share. We’ve been doing …


Fancy a sneak peek at the new Gumtree?

Wednesday 3 September 2014, by

We’ve been listening to a lot of customer feedback recently, and have been working hard to improve your experience on the UK’s number one classifieds site. It’ll be ready to launch any day now, so here’s a sneak preview of …