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Celebrity Big Brother: Some More of Our Favourite Ads

Tuesday 9 December 2014, by

You’ll know by now that we’re sponsoring Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. And we’re delighted to see that you guys are getting in the spirit, We’ve now had over 40,000 items offered for the Big Brother house, and the …

A Guide to Board Games Available on Gumtree

Monday 8 December 2014, by

It’s Christmas! Time to battle your grandparents for prime Mayfair real estate…

It’s easy to overlook the time-honored charms of a good board game these days. Sure, the multimedia phantasmagoria of cutting edge video game technology might sometimes cast the …

Make your ad stand out for Big Brother

Friday 5 December 2014, by

Starting In January, Gumtree are sponsoring Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. And, to kick-start the collaboration, anyone who posts an ad in our For Sale category between 3rd – 10th December has the option to sell their …

1000s of items for Big Brother to choose from!

Thursday 4 December 2014, by

Since announcing our sponsorship of Celebrity Big Brother, Gumtree users have gone crazy for the chance to sell their stuff into the Big Brother House.

In fact, we’ve seen nearly 10,000 items go onto the list in less than 2 …

Sell your stuff to Big Brother

Wednesday 3 December 2014, by

Starting in January, we’re sponsoring Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. And to kick things off in style, we’re offering you the chance to help furnish the Big Brother house using Gumtree.


From the 3rd – 9th

Gumtree’s Guide To Christmas Jobs

Friday 21 November 2014, by

Gumtree’s listings are always chock-full of job ads but job seekers will find more opportunities than ever in the lead up to Christmas

How time flies. It only seems like a few weeks ago that we were preparing for autumn, …

Updates to our iPhone app

Friday 14 November 2014, by
This week we launched the latest version of our iPhone app. With over 5 million downloads, it’s been a big success for us, but the team are not done yet.
Our latest launch brings a fresh new homepage to the

Gumtree’s Top Five Used Cars For Winter Driving

Monday 10 November 2014, by

You don’t have to be a regular off-roader to appreciate the benefits of a sturdy set of wheels when winter sets in. Even if your car’s a wimpy city slicker most of the time there are likely to be occasions …

Winter Warmers – Gumtree’s guide to second-hand heaters

Monday 10 November 2014, by

It’s that time of year again. You can see your breath. You’ll soon be searching for your ice scraper. And you’ll need the heating… on.

But, if the central heating isn’t doing its job, or you need to heat a …