The Best Albums In The World…Ever!

Monday 24 June 2013, by

65 years ago, Columbia Records announced the launch of the long-playing record.  Officially, the first two LPs released – respectively the first ten-inch and twelve-inch formats – were by Frank Sinatra and Mendelssohn.

We’ve come a long, long way since …


Reporting Spoof Gumtree Emails And Websites

, by

The biggest threats to the security of your Gumtree account are fraudulent spoof and phishing emails.

Spoof emails look like real Gumtree emails but and include links to “phishing” web sites, or fraudulent services that they claim are endorsed by …


Born Freelance?

Monday 10 June 2013, by

Do you have a talent?  Fancy making some cash from that talent?  Are you thinking of setting up your own business but uneasy about where your customers will come from?  Are you sick of that weird bloke who sits at …


Rev Yourself Up With ‘90s Cars

Friday 7 June 2013, by

We love a classic car here at Gumtree.  Not the kind of banger you see clogging up the A23 between London and Brighton every November.  No, the vintage vehicles of the 1990s.  As in, “My dad used to drive a …