Gym equipment for the New Year

Wednesday 29 January 2014, by

Ah January, an entire month dedicated to cold, hard self-examination. A month in which we are expected to face up to the many ways that we are simply not cutting the mustard and resolve to change them for the better, …


Gumtree’s Tips to Beat Blue Monday

Monday 20 January 2014, by

Nope. We’re not here to tell you how you can write a better synth tune than the New Order classic. We’re talking about the dreaded January blues. Blue Monday is officially the most depressing day of the year. While researchers …


Top 5 Rules of Regifting

Wednesday 8 January 2014, by

Another Christmas has passed, and hopefully you got some wonderful presents from those who know you best. But if you received anything that didn’t float your boat, you’re probably debating what to do next.

Well, it’s free and easy to …


Make The Most of January

Monday 6 January 2014, by

It’s January.

It’s cold. And it’s dark. And the madness of Christmas is a distant memory.

But what if this year… you chose to make the most of January?

It could mean reaching a fitness goal, learning a foreign …


Ticket Safety

Monday 30 December 2013, by

When you’re looking on Gumtree for last-minute tickets to see your favourite band, or to follow your favourite team at a cup final, you want to make sure you really are getting what you pay for. But how can you …


Post more ads on mobile

Thursday 19 December 2013, by

2013 was a great year for Gumtree, and thanks to the constant improvement of our mobile apps we’ve made it as one of Google’s “Best 15 Apps of 2013” and one of Apple’s top free apps of the …


Maybe on Gumtree

Wednesday 18 December 2013, by

We all love the entrepreneurs on Dragon’s Den who come up with the simplest little inventions, right? And wouldn’t we all like to be the guy or girl who invented that world-famous, undeniably useful gadget?

Well, if you’re struggling to …


What a Christmas jumper can do for you

Thursday 12 December 2013, by

It’s nearly Christmas time, and your diary is probably chock-a-block full of social obligations, festive cheer (or is that ‘beer’?) and bleary eyes.  And whenever the halls get decked with boughs of holly, it’s also time to crack out your …