The Gumtree guide to spotting designer fakes

Thursday 23 July 2009, by

You can get some really good secondhand designer deals online at the moment, especially as people try to make some extra cash while times are financially tough. But you do need to be wary of what people sell on an …


Old banger rally. Are you in?

Wednesday 22 July 2009, by

Four friends, three European routes, and 1500 miles of road, the catch is you have to drive the route in a car costing no more than £150. This isn’t the Gumball rally this is the Ramshackle Rally, ‘the most …


Welcome to the Gumtree blog!

Tuesday 21 July 2009, by

welcomeYou may already have noticed our blog over the last few weeks (well done, eagle-eyes), so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as we very excitedly go from beta into full-battleships-ahoy mode. Yep, we‘ve got a blog and …


Fancy a bit of Ronaldo?

Wednesday 15 July 2009, by

cristiano-ronaldo1 Would you pay £1.25 million for a house with a broken window, debris in the garden and dart holes in the wall? What kind of a bargain is that, we hear you say. Would you change your tune if we …


How to get to “You’re hired!”

Tuesday 14 July 2009, by

youre-hired1So the reality TV show responsible for such Sugar-isms as “I was in the Jewish Lads Bridge Division, Trainee Bugler, but it didn’t make me sell computers” is actually a great model for how to land your dream job.

Our …


Goodbye staycation, hello freecation

, by

staycation_cottageYou’ve heard about ‘staycations’, where people are saving money and capitalising on the predicted hot summer by holidaying at home, but have you heard about a ‘freecation’? You know, just like in the movie The Holiday. Instead of paying for …


How to buy a 2nd hand bicycle

Thursday 9 July 2009, by

2ndhandbikeWe spoke to cycle guru Tim Hook from the UK cyclists Social Network, Cycle Social, and he told us that buying a bike second- hand is “perfectly fine, as long as you ask a lot of questions”. Hooray! Here are …


Introducing Urgent Ads

, by

Sometimes in life, you need things to happen quickly – like a job position that needs filling, concert tickets to sell off or a housemate to find.

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