Scam me not!

Wednesday 5 August 2009, by

scam-alertIt’s a tough internet world out there, and you’ve got to be on your game to spot a scam. Here’s a quick primer on some common scams that turn up all over the internet and sadly, even on Gumtree:



Wanted: A husband?

Monday 3 August 2009, by

find_husbandIs this ad for real?

This young 21 year old lady says she wants to get married “pretty much because my older sister got engaged”. She’s getting some bemused to downright aggressive responses too:

“You’re 21… grow up, learn, experiment, …


Adventures on Gumtree Dating Part 2

Saturday 1 August 2009, by

dating_adventuresI received a reply from a Gumtree personal ad I wrote. She said she was Chinese, moved to Australia as a kid, recently moved to London and found my ad objectionable. My ad was a bit edgy perhaps, but certainly …


Cartoon: Jim & Olly part 1

Friday 31 July 2009, by

we’re testing out a new cartoon strip here on the blog called Jim & Olly. Let us know what you think of it in the comments. We will release a new one every Friday.

Update: Is this what happened to …

Featured ads now visible on search results

Thursday 30 July 2009, by

Make your post more noticeable, with our great value featured ads ability. We’ve listened to your feedback and have improved our featured ad function: not only to appear at the top of listings, but to now appear at the top …


Want to be on a TV show with James May?

Wednesday 29 July 2009, by

james_may1We’ve been trawling the Gumtree site and found this gem of an ad:

James May (from Top Gear) is starting a new TV show where he will attempt to build a two story house out of standard Lego blocks. They’ve …


How to get away this summer and still make money

, by

Earlier this year applicants from all over the world were applying in their 1000s for “The Best Job in the World” as an Islands Caretaker for Tourism Queensland.

But winner Ben Southall’s not the only person who could jet off …


Guarantee yourself a cool summer

Tuesday 28 July 2009, by

stay_cool_summerWe’ve searched Gumtree’s classified for this summer’s essentials, and found a few gems to keep you looking cool and feeling fresh.

There are rumours that temperatures will soar again, so an inflatable paddling pool at £20, a fraction of the …


Graph: Is the job market recovering?

Monday 27 July 2009, by

Now we’re not going to attempt a repeat of the ‘green shoots of recovery’ debacle from Westminster at the beginning of the year (we, for one, have evidence!) but we’d like to stick our neck out here and say that …