Geek for Gumtree

Tuesday 11 May 2010, by

Luca Massaro, a tech blogger and digital marketing consultant from London, tells us how he posted a Wanted ad on Gumtree to find some of his prized possessions at a bargain price.


Forget the hung parliament, it’s Friday

Friday 7 May 2010, by

10downingStrWith all this talk about a hung parliament, Labour being out of the door and what this means for our future, we’ve decided that this is way too serious for a Friday afternoon. Looks like some others think so too, …

5 shares celebrates ten gumtastic years

Thursday 6 May 2010, by celebrates our tenth birthday by looking back at some of the weird and wonderful stories from the last decade. From Footballer Christiano Ronaldo’s old house being up for sale, to a seller in Birmingham who turned his car to …


UK households sit on £31 billion of unused goods

, by reveals the nation is sitting on top of £31billion of unused goods, with the average person hoarding £581 of usable and unwanted everyday household items.  With confusion over how the price of items from CDs to kitchen appliances, decluttering …


What bloggers think of the sneak peek site

Thursday 29 April 2010, by

We had a little meet-up earlier this month for a few bloggers and Gumtree fans to meet the team and walk through a sneak peek of our new site. We’ve had some great feedback, so we thought we’d share what some of our guests thought of the event and the new site changes.


How to remember your wedding, not its price tag

Tuesday 27 April 2010, by

We’ve heard it said that your wedding should be the most memorable day of your life. With the average wedding costing a whopping £20,000, we’re pretty sure that’s why lots of people never forget their big day!

Jokes aside, we think brides and grooms on a budget could get everything they need for the wedding with a little clever trawling on Gumtree. Think of all the dosh you could save for the honeymoon.


Guest blogger: Jamie Breese tells how to convert clutter to cash

Saturday 24 April 2010, by

Last time, we had Quentin Willson in our guest blogger series tell you why he liked buying cars on Gumtree. Today, we’ve got Jamie Breese, a regular on TV for his antique, collectable and ‘declutter’ expertise, tell us how to gain control of our cupboards and make some extra cash along the way.


Turning ash to cash

Tuesday 20 April 2010, by

The eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull (can anyone pronounce that name?) has ground practically all air travel in Europe to a halt, leaving thousands stranded and unable to get home.

If you’re one of those stranded in the UK, we’ve found a few ideas on Gumtree to get you home.