is the place to go put a smile back on your face

Tuesday 29 June 2010, by

Publishing date: 25 June 2010

According to money saving websites, the key to a happy summer is a good bargain, making a few pounds here and there and of course, finding  fun freebies. Luckily, has an abundance of opportunities …


Sing when you’re, erm…..

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Press release: Sing when you’re, erm…..
Publishing date: 17 June 2010

It seems the England World Cup dream just wasn’t to be, despite the country rallying together to cheer on Fabio’s chosen 11.  Some went further than others to pledge …


Superheroes needed to protect the neighbourhood

Wednesday 23 June 2010, by

Have you got what it takes to be a superhero? Local Londoner ‘Darkslay’ is vowing to protect his neighbourhood in Southeast London for the general good. He wants to “bring a little hope back to the city” and has an ad out for fellow wannabe superheros to join him on his quest, much like Shadow Hare in the US.


Top tips from Consumer Direct

Wednesday 16 June 2010, by

Dealing directly with people in your local area through a site like Gumtree is very different to buying from a shop or online retailer, as most people you deal with are private sellers. This does impact your rights so it’s important to know where you stand from the outset. We got Michele Shambrook from Consumer Direct, the government-funded consumer advice service, to offer you some top tips:


Flat sharing famous faces

Tuesday 15 June 2010, by

Press release: Flat sharing famous faces
Publishing date: 8 & 11 June 2010

Finding the perfect flatmate is never easy, but when it comes to famous faces we’d like as flat sharing friends, a poll from threw up some …


Mancunians make the best neighbours

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Press release: Mancunians make the best neighbours
Publishing date: 10 June 2010

A new report from has revealed that Mancunians make the friendliest neighbours. The study into neighbourhood connections found that those living in Manchester  were more likely to …


How to build more space for your home

Thursday 10 June 2010, by

If you’ve got closets stacked to the brim, winter clothes stashed away under the bed and extra furniture gathering dust in the basement, it might be time to think about adding some extra space. Have you ever thought of extending your home? There are a number of different approaches you can take, depending on your house and what best suits your needs – from kitchen extensions to loft, basement, shed and garage conversions. We’ve asked Rachel from to offer some expert tips on extending your home without extending your budget:


Celebrating the Gumtree MyCommunity competition

Wednesday 9 June 2010, by

A few weeks back, we invited 10 bloggers to take part in a little MyCommunity competition. All they had to do was create an ad on Gumtree listing their favourite hotspots or things in their local area. The bloggers who could generate the most number of comments about their ad in the forum won.


Google is your friend

Tuesday 8 June 2010, by

John, a member of our voluntary Good Neighbour team who goes by the name of ‘Livecell’ on the Gumtree forums, thinks everyone should do a little online checking before committing to a deal. He shares on the power of search engines:


Property for Sale ads on Gumtree now powered by Zoopla

Monday 7 June 2010, by

We’ve teamed up with Zoopla, the UK’s most comprehensive property website, to bring you Property for Sale ads offered by agents. This means if you’re a property agent, your ads will appear on both Gumtree and Zoopla at the same time – bringing you double the exposure at no extra cost or effort.