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Announcing our partnership with Magic Breakfast

Monday 29 January 2018, by

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Magic Breakfast, starting today.

Rise and shine, tune in and listen along as Ronan and Harriett put their entrepreneurial skills to the test live on air, taking our challenge to make some money, …

Win £500 for your #GotItOnGumtree stories!

Tuesday 9 January 2018, by

We want to give you £500 for your #GotItOnGumtree stories!

Have you found something wonderful on Gumtree? Perhaps a new car, musical instrument, furnishings for your new home, or even baby items for the newest member of your family.

We …

Gumtree’s Top Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions

Tuesday 2 January 2018, by

Job interviews can be scary. But with the right amount of preparation they become a great opportunity to share your personality, knowledge and skills with a potential employer. And secure the job you’re after.


Interviews help employers to find …

Gumtree’s Advice for Writing a Resignation Letter

Tuesday 2 January 2018, by

Leaving your job can be nerve-racking. But when the time comes to move on, it’s important to be polite and professional. A good resignation letter can help you bow out in the right way, so that everyone is left with

Gumtree’s Guide to Understanding Redundancy

Tuesday 2 January 2018, by

Whether you welcome your redundancy or not, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting a fair deal. Knowing your rights and what you’re entitled to will help.


Redundancies happen when an employer needs to reduce its numbers, usually either to …

Gumtree’s Lowdown on Apprenticeships

Tuesday 2 January 2018, by

Whether you’ve finished studying or you’re looking for a new path in life, your next step is a big one. But don’t worry. Apprenticeships help you gain experience, train on the job and build a strong foundation for your career.

Gumtree’s Top Tips for Writing a Stand Out Cover Letter

Tuesday 2 January 2018, by

Facing a blank page can be daunting, but fear not. Writing a good cover letter is easy if you know how. And it can persuade an employer to invite you for an interview, rather than put your application on the


Tuesday 12 December 2017, by
  • Obligation nation: 16% feel obliged to buy presents for certain family members
  • 61% don’t enjoy giving presents because of the pressure to get something ‘perfect’
  • Five festive gifts: Five is the number of gifts Brits would like to receive


#NoFilter Christmas: 10 Things That Always Go Wrong at Christmas

Monday 27 November 2017, by

Christmas…it’s not always perfect. Any day with children, pets and grandparents all in one room is bound to have a mishap or two, right? In a bid to celebrate all things imperfectly perfect about Christmas, we asked our Facebook fans …


Wednesday 22 November 2017, by

Gumtree research highlights the amount Britons spend on Black Friday purchases they don’t use or even remember buying


  • 23% of festive shoppers feel under pressure to buy something on the discount day
  • One in ten people buy something on Black