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Own a little bit of CBB history

Monday 26 January 2015, by

We’ve teamed up with the CBB team to offer Gumtree users the chance to own something from the CBB house. There are 41 items on offer and each one represents part of the CBB experience in some way or another, so if you’re a fan of the show visit the CBB for sale page for your chance to buy your own little bit of television history.

Unsurprisingly all the items are attracting plenty of enquiries but some are proving especially popular. Here’s the top five most viewed items:

1. Bedroom swirl mirror

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bedroom Mirror

So far this distinctive mirror is the most popular item on offer from the CBB house, which comes as no surprise given the important role mirrors have played in this year’s show.

Currently hanging in the CBB bedroom, the mirror features regularly on the nightly highlight shows. In fact most of the Housemates have spent plenty of time gazing admiringly into this eye-catching mirror and we reckon it’s a perfect memento of this year’s House.

Reminiscent of a swirling Catherine wheel this decorative mirror evokes an autumnal or wintery feel and suits the Twisted Fairytale theme perfectly. We reckon it should look great in any room. Priced at just £30 it’s also a bit of a steal.


2. Dining room table and chairs

Celebrity Big Brother’s Dining Room Table & Chairs Set

It’s no wonder the iconic dining room table and chairs are attracting plenty of views. This imposing dining set is probably the most impressive of all the items on offer and might just be the most famous table in Britain right now!

Make no mistake, this is a sizeable banqueting table capable of accommodating all the Housemates, so if you’re lucky enough to be selected you’ll need to clear some space in your dining room!

If you think you can handle it, installing the one of a kind table and chairs in your home will definitely set the scene for some incredible dinner parties. Just think, you could sit exactly where the housemates sat and relive some of this season’s most memorable moments. You could even re-create ‘bananagate’!


3. Bedside tables

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bedside Tables

There are four of these Art Deco-style bedside tables available and at £50 each they’re a little more affordable than the dining table and chairs above. Mirrored and gold plated, they’d be an elegant and eye catching addition to any room.


4. Stylish Handbags

Celebrity Big Brother’s Handbag

There are 15 of these stylish clutch handbags on offer and each one is currently hanging on the CBB bedroom wall. Priced at just £15 each, these glam handbags are a fab, affordable memento of this year’s show and are proving very popular with Gumtree users. Fashionistas take note – they’re also the only item from the Big Brother House that you can take with you on a night out.


5. Double bed frames

Celebrity Big Brother’s Double Bed

Currently shared by Cami Li and Katie Price, is it any wonder that his fabulous double bed frame is attracting plenty of attention? Ornate detailing and gold bed knobs add a dash of glitz that befits its glamorous inhabitants while the neutral colours and classic styling mean it will make a great addition to any bedroom.

To buy one of these items, all you need to do is reply to the ads with your name and number, and if you’re lucky enough to be pulled out of the hat in our random prize draw, then you’ll get first refusal to come and pick it up from Channel 5 warehouse. All our terms and conditions are online here.


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