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Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Get your Hands on CBB’s Enchanted Mirrors

Wednesday 21 January 2015, by


Mirrors are a major theme in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother House. From the very first episode, where Katie Hopkins was invited to step inside the ‘enchanted mirror’, they’ve helped to bring the show’s Twisted Fairytale theme to life.


Adorning the walls in every room, CBB’s mirrors allow the cameras to see in, and give those celebrity egos plenty of places to let their vanity run riot, asking themselves ‘who is the fairest of them all?’


But the mirrors in this year’s house also serve up some neat home design tricks. The mirrors in the bedroom in particular catch the light and add some glamorous sparkle.


And this year, thanks to Gumtree, you can reflect some of this celebrity glitter for yourselves. This year, for the first time ever, we’ve teamed up with CBB to give you the chance to buy key design pieces from the House – and that includes a wide selection of the hanging mirrors that the celebrities have gazed into.

Swirling Bedroom mirror



This magnificent mirror currently takes pride of place in the bedroom, allowing the celebrity Housemates to fix their hair and make-up, and this one stands out as one of the most decorative in the boudoir. A chic, swirling silver mirror, it’s an instant focal point, and one that’s been featured frequently in the nightly CBB highlight shows. Its versatile silver sheen makes for a beautifully wintery feel, and an accessory that’s an easy addition to any room.


Mirror cube



Head for the CBB lounge and you’ll find the celebrity housemates using this beautiful mirrored cube to pop their cups of tea onto. Placed between two armchairs in the main living room area of the house, you can follow the CBB designers’ lead and use this as a side table, but its so versatile that it would make an ideal bedside table, bathroom table or eye-catching talking point for any room. Perfect for a contemporary room, and maximising light too, this item was one of the pieces bought by the CBB designers directly from a lucky Gumtree seller. So you can help it come full circle and buy it back from CBB – that’s the beauty of Gumtree!


Flower mirror


Now here’s a mirror that’s blooming lovely. As with all of the mirrors in this year’s house, it has a metallic feel, finished in gold-bronze. It’s neatly shaped in the style of a flower, and offers an instant vintage touch. If you’re looking to soften the look of a room, while adding an elegant focal point, then this mirror will help you do just that – and with a touch of celebrity glamour too.


Sun mirror


Celebrities like to think they’re at the centre of everything, so it’s fitting that CBB should choose a sun-shaped mirror for the house. Helping you to reflect some star style, this mirror is truly striking. Large and silver, to reflect plenty of light, and with long, bold sun rays emanating from its centre, it’s guaranteed to brighten up any room.


How to buy


If you’d like a chance to buy any of the CBB items for sale on Gumtree, all you need to do is reply to any ads you like the look of. You’ll then be entered into a prize draw, and the lucky winners will be invited to buy the item they’ve fallen in love with.




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