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The LDN Diaries offer her view on the Celebrity Big Brother House!

Tuesday 20 January 2015, by

This week we caught up with 30 year old London-based lifestyle blogger Paula, the mastermind behind The LDN Diaries. Paula is a big fan of Gumtree and Celebrity Big Brother. Check out her thoughts on the design of this year’s house and some of the amazing Gumtree items on the show…


What do you think of the design of the 2015 Celebrity Big Brother House? It’s very clever and I think it really encompasses the twisted fairytale theme. Each item has been thought out so carefully to make the theme come to life. I like the way each room is a different colour scheme and has unique objects such as the rabbit lamps. Ornaments such as the dog and big key on the table and the chairs in the dining room with the red hair hanging from them are amazing! Every time you watch the show, you see something different, that you wouldn’t have noticed before. It has a very extravagant feel, maybe to match some of the celebrities personalities!?

What is your favourite item in the House and why? I love the rabbit lamps, they are so cute. I would love to have one of those as they are so unique and definitely a talking point. Also I like the chandelier in the kitchen, it’s so kitsch and right up my street!

•Favourite room and why? It would have to be the bedroom. I like the bedding that has been chosen and the plush faux fur throws.  They look so cosy with furry cushions too, you would definitely be able to fall asleep on those. The wall designs are very cool and unique; I like the mixture of patterns and illustrations on the walls. The mirrors are huge and really reflect the theme of the house, with that ‘mirror, mirror, on the wall’ look to them. I am also loving the black and gold in the bathroom, it’s very luxe.

•What do you think of the 4 items Gumtree put in the house? They match with the house perfectly. The chaise longue I could definitely see myself lounging on; it looks so comfortable and grand. It fits in really well with the extravagance of the house. The handmade twigs are very creative, they really add that enchanted fairytale feel to the garden. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Fortnum & Mason teapot set, it’s the perfect pairing for a cup of tea!

•What would you like to buy from this year’s house? I love the dog ornament with the crown and Tudor collar, it’s just so different and would definitely be a real centre piece. Plus the closest thing I’ll have to a dog at the moment! I also loved the chairs from the King & Queen of the Fairies task, they were amazing!

•How do you think the design of the House will affect the housemates behaviour? They seem to be a pretty angry bunch, so I’m guessing the topsy-turvy designs in each room could be adding to this. It’s an unusual living design so I guess it could make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Although at the same time it also has overindulgent theme so surely they should be feeling at home. There is quite a bit of red used in the living area which will either be encouraging anger or romance!

•If you could design the CBB House, what would you do? I would go back to basics. Celebrities are so used to their plush lifestyle so I’d strip it right back and go very minimal. I’m thinking wooden tables and chairs, maybe with a winter wonderland theme. I’m obsessed with antler chairs so they would fit in perfectly.

•If you could furnish your house with items from Gumtree, which would you choose and what would you like to put in it? I’d definitely look for some antique looking mirrors and quirky ornaments or lamps, they just add a fun element to a home. Plus I love arty prints, so anything like that.

•Any funny stories behind any of the furniture in your own house? I did buy a chest of drawers without really checking the measurements, now I have to carefully squeeze around them. Think Joey and his cabinet from Friends!

•Describe the style of your own house? I like to keep the design minimal but modern with a few quirky and personal touches. I much prefer modern furnishings to old fashioned. I really like patterned wallpaper, so that is next on my list when decorating.

•Where do you buy/find your furniture? Everywhere and anywhere. If something catches my eye I just have to have it! I love Osprey London, they have some really unique bits and pieces for decorating a house, including taxidermy.

•Have you ever upcycled? Definitely, there is nothing better than finding a use for that random box or jam jar you have lying around the house. I use lots of old boxes for jewellery, by covering them in paper and then adding a lining. It’s a quick and easy solution to a jewellery box.

What would be your top tips for transforming a room with a £1000 budget? I’d say make a list of what key pieces you would really like to have. Find those, and then work around them to create the finer details. That way you will always have a standout item or two you are really happy with. Plus be open to where you can source furniture. Use Gumtree or ask friends and relatives. You can always buy something and add your own touches to make it your own.


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