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How the Celebrity Big Brother house has evolved over the years

Monday 12 January 2015, by

Are you ready for this year’s Twisted Fairytale? We’ve already seen some great tricks and treats in the 2015 Celebrity Big Brother House, and it looks like Big Brother has more surprises in store.

That’s the power of the CBB House design – it can give you clues as to what’s up Big Brother’s sleeve, affect the drama that unfolds, and have a real impact on the housemates’ lives. Over the years it’s had themes ranging from Alpine chalets to futuristic nightmares, taking its celebrity housemates from prison cell squalor to the lap of luxury along the way.

And Gumtree loves a good home makeover – that’s why this year we’ve given Gumtree sellers the chance to sell their items to Big Brother, having a hand in decorating the celebrity Housemates’ new digs.

Our sellers have already had success in helping to kit out this new Grimm world of fun! One Gumtree seller’s gorgeous handmade chaise longue has already had lots of celebrities draped all over it, and we’ve also seen some A-listers sipping some Earl Grey from another lucky seller’s Fortnum & Mason tea set.

The New-Look House

This year’s Twisted Fairytale decor is big on quirks. Snow White-esque wall designs, spooky trees and woodland creatures take us deep into the enchanted forest. A huge key on the dining room table unlocks….who knows what?! For the celebrities getting used to the House this week, we’re sure the designs will have them worrying about the big bad wolf.

With this winter’s CBB extravaganza now well underway, we’ve taken a look at some the house designs we’ve loved and loathed over recent series. What’s your all time favourite??

Celebrity Big Brother 8 (2011)

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In 2011, it was clear that the emphasis was going to be on glamour and luxury, with no more prison cell squalor or bare bones minimalism. This opulent house gave Kerry Katona, Amy Childs, Jedward and Paddy Doherty a bar, gym, sauna, and the biggest swimming pool thus far to play with.

Funky, bright, modern, and with enough space to let Jedward run riot, the housemates loved getting boozy at the bar, and Gumtree loved the seating – cool and colourful claret and orange in the lounge, and a gorgeous luxury deep red and gold club chair in the diary room too.

Celebrity Big Brother 9 (2012)

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This was the year of one of Gumtree’s favourite themes – the Alpine Chalet. As you’d expect, there was wood everywhere, from stacked log motifs in the kitchen, to the wood-trimmed pool in the garden. There was snowflake carpeting, moose-head lamps, lashings of faux fur draped across beds and faux animal skin rugs. It all helped to keep Denise Welch, Michael Madsen and Frankie Cocozza get cosy with each other.

Celebrity Big Brother 11 (2013)

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The January edition of 2013’s CBB took on an appropriate Winter theme, with a dramatically icy diary room chair, silver branches, and luxurious faux fur throws all around. CBB was bang on trend with its major use of aztec prints to add splashes of colour. But even that warmth and the velvety red bedroom couldn’t hide the frosty atmosphere created by all of the icy themes – from pale blue hues to silver and ice feature walls.

Celebrity Big Brother 12 (2013)

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The first to be hosted by the lovely Emma Willis, this House included a hidden ‘Temple’ used by the Cult of Celebrity. Gazing down God-like from their space-age white ‘Temple’, Louie Spence and Lauren Harries looked like they were having a ball. In stark contrast to the regular series’ eco-style house that year, this CBB version upped the glam and went for an all-out Posh theme. The result was lashings of gold, opulent modernist designer furniture, OTT sculptures and walls designed to look like they were teeming with books in a posh reading room.

Celebrity Big Brother 13 (2014)

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The celebrities entered the house handcuffed to each other this time, and were treated to a truly ostentatious Russian Opulence theme. Candelabras, silk cushions, leopard-skin throws, zebra print chairs and Roman busts created a rich atmosphere of glam. But, as usual, Big Brother’s sense of humour found its way in there. The girls loved the bedroom walls lined with row upon row of designer stiletto heels, and there was a touch of winter eccentricity by way of a giant ‘stuffed’ polar bear that loomed large over the lounge area.

Celebrity Big Brother 14 (2014)

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This was one of the most colourful CBB houses yet. The regular series’ house was given a complete celebrity revamp with multi-coloured lines and a hi-tech theme running throughout the house. The diary room took on a futuristic Art Deco style with gold studding and black leather, the bathroom became almost jungle-like with fake plants growing from the walls. Luxurious it might have been, but Gary Busey still managed to do his best to keep his fellow housemates living in filth!

So back to this year – and we’ll soon be revealing which items from the current house that you’ll be able to buy on Gumtree…!


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