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How the Celebrity Big Brother garden has changed over the years

Tuesday 13 January 2015, by

Ahh, the memories…Celebrity escapes, getting saucy in the pool, sunbathing in the tiniest bikinis known to man – the Celebrity Big Brother garden has seen it all. Just don’t ask them to do any gardening…

A place for the celebrity Housemates to escape to, huddling together in winter, flaunting their assets in summer, they can hang out in the hot tub or the snug and gossip and party all night long. So it’s no wonder it’s often been the scene of some of the show’s best moments.

And even with all that entertainment going on, the design of the CBB garden can often go cruelly unnoticed. But Gumtree loves a delightful garden design, so we thought we’d shine a light at some of the show’s best and worst horticultural moments in recent years.

From chicken coops to carousel horses, Big Brother has had as much fun coming up with wacky garden designs as it has winding up its housemates. We’ve picked out some of our all-time faves from the CBB archives. What are yours?

Ice, ice baby – Celebrity Big Brother 11 (2013)

Celebrity Big Brother 2013

When this year’s January edition of the show took on a Winter theme it extended out into the garden too. Tying in nicely with the icy wall designs, faux fur throws, and dramatically spiky blue ice diary room chair indoors, this garden turned up the outdoor chill factor in a variety of eye-catching ways.

First up was the addition of the show’s first ever igloo – giving housemates a place to cosy up in the freezing temperatures. Wintery mountain scenes stretched across one of the long garden photo walls, creating a beautiful, serene backdrop to the celebrity mayhem. Silver and white leafless trees and plenty of blue hues added to the frosty scenes, topped off with the glowing blue reflections of the turquoise pool and hot tub. 

Futuristic zen – Celebrity Big Brother 14 (2014)

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The last edition of CBB featured one of the most fun and colourful gardens yet. Huge stripes of multiple colours slashed across the garden, with a minimalist snug hidden away upstairs. It all tied in nicely with the house’s hi-tech theme. And a super-cool pool to splash about in when the sun came out – perfect for the British summer.

Some of the most dramatic scenes from last year’s show took place in the garden’s relatively humble seating area. The bright pink and grey benches, along with cool, blocky, futuristic plastic armchairs were a favourite hangout for all the housemates, and there were endless rows here between just about everyone and Gary Busey. But Gary obviously managed to find real peace in this upliftingly zen CBB garden, spending a lot of time out here meditating, honking like a goose, and hanging out with the ghost of Patrick Swayze.

If you go down to the woods today… – Celebrity Big Brother 15 (2015)

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In a sneak peak of this year’s garden, things have changed dramatically. Gone are the colourful stripes and minimalist futurism of the last series. Now we’re transported into a twisted fairytale with stunning forest artwork forming the garden wall backdrop. In a stark contrast to our own traditional gardens at home, this CBB garden features zero living plants.

Instead, you’ll find beautifully eerie silver and white tree branches, as sold to Big Brother by our very own Gumtree seller Jill Griffin! Jill made all six trees herself – with a little help from her daughter – and was hoping to sell them on Gumtree for a reasonable price when the CBB garden’s designers spied them and snapped them up to tie in perfectly with their Twisted Fairytale theme this year.

While there may not be any living plants in the garden this year, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of colour. Big Brother has found some ingenious ways of brightening up this spooky forest-scape, including some cool and quirky multicoloured lampshades strung throughout the garden’s trees.

This new garden puts entertainment front and centre with a huge round hot tub right smack bang in the centre of a large sunken seating area. This is obviously where CBB wants its new housemates to gather and socialise, and we can’t wait to see the fireworks! If it all gets too much, the housemates have an upstairs treehouse den to escape to too, but Big Brother is always watching…

Finally, keep an eye out for items from the House on sale on Gumtree later this week, for your chance to buy a bit of TV history!


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