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Holiday in…Chernobyl

Thursday 8 October 2009, by

Fancy a holiday in Chernobyl?While not the most glamorous (or romantic) of getaways, visiting Chernobyl has long held a fascination with many people.

After all it was one of the worst international nuclear incidents in history. On 26th April 1986, a reactor at the Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine exploded, sending radioactive fallout across parts of Europe. The area was evacuated and became restricted, and it’s now a series of ghost towns punctuated with abandoned military equipment.

If you’re interested in science, environmental issues, or just curious, it could be the trip of a lifetime, but you can only visit through organised tours on set dates.

Right now, trips to the area are being advertised on Gumtree by Greentour.

For travel and safety advice on travelling to the area, we recommend reading up on advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and talking to your tour operator.

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