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Gumtree’s Fun Facts about Wolverhampton

Tuesday 11 March 2014, by

We’ve started this year at quite a pace, so we wanted to share with you some of the exciting new updates we’ve made to Gumtree.

Users in Wolverhampton should notice a big improvement in our postcode data, allowing you to search for ads in your local area and post ads more accurately.

To celebrate that, we’ve prepared an article that celebrates some fun facts about Wolverhampton

Right at the heart of the Black Country, Wolverhampton is one of the best known cities in the Midlands but here are some things we bet you didn’t know about this city of industry.

Wulfrians are more pious than you (well, maybe…)

Wolverhampton was founded in 985 AD by Lady Wulfruna who was granted the lands by King Ethelred the Unready so that the local people had somewhere to worship. This means that people have been worshipping for over 1,000 years on the site of St. Peter’s Church, the most famous in the city. In the old Saxon days an obelisk marked the site of the church, which today stands on the highest point in the city, with a statue of Lady Wulfruna outside, overlooking the city she helped to build.

More about Lady Wulfruna…

Lady Wulfruna certainly has a knack for names, and that’s not including her own memorable moniker. She not only helped build Wolverhampton, she helped name it too. The name Wolverhampton comes from a mash-up of Wulfruna and Heaneton – a Saxon word meaning ‘town on the hill’. So Wolverhampton essentially means ‘Wulfruna’s town on the hill’. She also had a son named…Spot.

Wolverhampton’s one of the worst cities on the planet – according to Lonely Planet

Don’t blame us! It’s Lonely Planet that started this fire raging. In 2009 the travel bible included Wolverhampton in its list of the ‘Nine Most Hated Cities in the World’, placing it ahead of slum-packed El Salvador and Chennai in India. Wulfrians that weren’t livid simply laughed the whole thing off – if anything it sure put Wolverhampton on the map and earned the city some column inches. 

Wolverhampton’s a music haven

Often overshadowed by its big brother Birmingham, Wolverhampton has produced its own fair share of top musical talent – and across an impressively varied range of toetapping genres too. Glam legends Slade, Britpop heroes Cornershop, indie hitmakers The Mighty Lemon Drops, soul diva Beverly Knight, drum and bass guru Goldie, electronica whiz Bibio, roots reggae maestro Macka B, Lil Wayne’s hip hop producer S-X, Killing Joke’s Paul Raven – and only bloomin’ Edward Elgar and Robert Plant have all come out of Wolverhampton. And, er, so did Babylon Zoo…

Wolverhampton’ll tickle your funny bone

There’s no denying the Wolverhampton accent can raise a smile, but that’s not the only funny thing to come out of this Midlands city. Stand up veteran, telly actress and star of the Kumars Meera Syal hails from Wolverhampton – as does one of comedies biggest legends. Monty Python comic hero and Rutles frontman Eric Idle was also brought up in Wolverhampton, and he’s a lifelong Wolverhampton Wanderers fanatic to boot.

Wulfrians have walked into less walls than you

You can laugh all you want at their inclusion on the Lonely Planet list, because the chances are Wolverhampton was laughing at the rest of us in 1927 when it became the first town in Britain to introduce automated traffic lights. They were first switched on in Princes Square at the junction of Lichfield Street and Princess Street, allowing the people of Wolverhampton a clarity of vision the rest of us stumbling buffoons could only dream of.

Wolverhampton are footie legends

One of the oldest footie teams in the country Wolves were one of the founding members of the Football League in 1888. They’re the eighth most successful English league club, just behind Chelsea, with 13 major trophy wins. They’re also the only club that has won all of the top national cups – the FA CUP (1893, 1908, 1949, 1960), the Football League Club (1974 and 1980), and the Football League Trophy in 1988.









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