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Gumtree hits 150 millionth ad

Monday 25 November 2013, by

On 22nd November 2013, Gumtree fan Gerard Davies sold a second-hand Raleigh bike for £40, little did he know that it would go down in history as the 150 millionth ad posted on our site. We love a good celebration so we contacted Gerard and gave him, and the lucky buyer, Lizzie, £150 to spend back on Gumtree. The 150 millionth ad was posted in Barry, near Cardiff, just 13 years after our humble beginnings.

Gerard, 43, posted the ad with the hope of selling the bike locally. Lizzie Gradwell, 20, a second-year nursing student at Cardiff University needed the bike to get to lectures and on Friday became its proud owner after responding to the Gumtree ad.

Speaking about the sale, Gerard said: “I’ve used Gumtree more than 100 times! I live near Cardiff University and all students use it to find a bargain, so it’s a great place to meet millions of buyers. I use it to make a few quid selling stuff I don’t need anymore, and it’s always great to see my stuff go to a good home. It’s win – win!”

Lizzie, who used Gumtree for the very first time, couldn’t believe she had responded to the 150 millionth ad: “A friend told me to look on Gumtree to get a good deal. I was delighted to find the bike I wanted – and being part of history is really exciting. Well done, Gumtree!”


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