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Wednesday 25 April 2012, by

We’re really excited to let you know that an advert for a second-hand television has gone down in history as our 100 millionth ad on









The 100 millionth ad was for a second-hand television in London in April, 2012.

Regular Gumtree user Istvan Nagy, 32, posted the ad while he was clearing out his spare room.

The 16” Samsung TV with DVD playerVHS player, and remote control sold for a tenner in North London. Juan Chandler, a local web developer, bought the TV less than two days after posting the ad. Little did either of these individuals know of the history they were making.

To celebrate (being the generous types we are), we have given both Istvan and Juan brand new TV to help mark this landmark occasion.

Istvan Nagy said: “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the call, but I’m definitely glad that I picked up my phone.  I did see a really big number at the bottom of the ad when I posted it but had no idea it meant that this was the 100 millionth ad. I’m really pleased to be part of Gumtree history.”

Juan, a web developer who bought the TV was also thrilled to be part of our Gumtree history: “This particular TV caught my eye because for £10, it was excellent value.  I’ve found lots of bargains on the site in the past so it’s a real treat to have come across the 100 millionth ad.  I’m thrilled with the new TV from Gumtree too! I would have been happy with the £10 one, but this new one will look great in my living room.”

From one to 100 million in 12 years, we can’t wait to see who snaps up the one billionth ad on Gumtree.


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