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Get Your Hands on CBB’s Handbags

Friday 23 January 2015, by

This season’s Celebrity Big Brother House has seen plenty of ‘handbags’ moments, as the Celebs get into arguments about bananas, cheese and snotty tissues. Well, maybe the CBB Art Directors saw this coming, and that’s why the House’s bedroom feature wall is lined with fabulous handbags of all shapes and sizes.

And thanks to Gumtree, you’ve got the chance to buy these gorgeous bags once the show is over too. All 15 handbags currently hanging in the CBB bedroom are up for sale on the Gumtree site right now.

As well as having a great back-story, they’re guaranteed to add instant red carpet glam to your wardrobe, whatever your style. With 15 bags and 15 housemates, Gumtree reckons each celebrity is perfectly matched to one of these hot little handbags. Which one will you choose?



He’s been accused of sitting on the fence to the point of being “beige” by Kavana, so what better handbag for Cheggers than this lovely, plain leather handbag in a neutral shade. It’s understated but still has bags of charm, like the man himself!




The ladies love him, and that’s why we’ve teamed Callum with this classic black handbag – who could resist? This colour goes with everything, just as Callum gets on well with everyone in the house. But that snakeskin finish reflects his old wild side too!




Always sorting out arguments, and cooking for everyone too, Nadia has emerged as this series’ mum of the house. So for Nadia, we’ve picked this classic mum-friendly handbag that’s nice and neutral, with lashings of ladylike Chanel-style chic.




Patsy’s had a real calming influence over the house in the past few days, especially after this week’s meditation task. So what better bag for CBB’s meditation guru than this whiter-than-white handbag that’s perfectly zen and balanced.




She’s taken plenty of ribbing from the housemates for being ditzy, so this rib-detailed bag is perfect for Alicia. Ditzy she may be but she’s glitzy with it, and so is this beautiful clutch. We think she’d love its ultra-feminine look, complete with cute bow and oh-so-soft suede finish.




He’s attention seeker #1 and this is one of the most attention grabbing handbags on the CBB bedroom wall. We reckon Perez would love this OTT black puff-design handbag – it would tie in perfectly with his look-at-me black shiny leather t-shirt too.



Katie H

She’s used to beating opponents black and blue with her no-nonsense words, so we think this mean, black and blue handbag suits Katie Hopkins to a tee. It’s tough, means business, and we know Katie’s said she prefers to look smart than girly – this ticks all her boxes.




Katie P

The artist formerly known as Jordan has emerged a class act on the show so far. Ice cool under pressure, even when faced with enemies like Katie H and Alicia, she’s managed to calm the house down, restore balance, and help others keep their cool too. So we’ve picked this beautiful silver clutch for her to strut her stuff with.




As one of the quieter housemates, Kavana can fade into the background a little sometimes. On the outside he might appear a little plain, but underneath he’s hiding a sparkling personality that we’ve already seen burst out a few times in the face of Perez and Keith. So for Kav, we’ve picked out this disco-tastic handbag that mixes classic plain leather with in-your-face glitz.



Cami Li

Just like this bag, she’s a little glitterbomb waiting to go off. As her housemates have pointed out, once she’s had a little champagne things are guaranteed to go with a bang. She may be the little girl of the house, but she packs a lot of punch, so we think Cami would love this gold handbag that’s every bit as eyecatching as her tattoos.





Raised alongside drag queens, and serving her time MCing in strip clubs, Michelle is one no–nonsense lady. A vamp who tells it like it is, we think she’d love this bold bag’s gorgeous design, with its tough metallic edge and vampy shade of red.





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