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Declutter competition winner – day with Jamie Breese

Thursday 10 May 2012, by

Here at we love a good declutter!  As you’ve probably seen we’ve been busy trying to help you convert your clutter to cash – with the help of TV’s declutter expert Jamie Breese.

Thanks to everyone that entered our competition to win a declutter session with Jamie.  Entries flooded in from all over the UK but there could only be one winner, and on Wednesday 2 May Tony Stevens from Poole received a personal visit from Jamie Breese to help him turn his clutter to cash, and help free up space in his home.

Tony didn’t hold much hope for his clutter, expecting that it might sell for around £10, however after several hours of rigorous decluttering with Jamie by his side, the value was totting up to much more than he expected.

Speaking about day with Tony, TV’s declutter expert Jamie Breese said: “We had a brilliant day in Poole, the sun was out, the gloves were on, and the boxes were ready to pack up Tony’s clutter.  While apprehensive at first, Tony explained how we would love to set up his own business but needs a cash injection to build a website and print business cards.  The challenge was on.

“We started off having a great rummage in his loft – it turned out to be a gadget graveyard with everything from an old TV, hi-fi, printer, X-Box console and games, sewing machine, as well as the usual old clothes, holdalls, and garden furniture up there.  Within an hour we had worked out what to sell, and also set aside some items for the tip.

“Downstairs we started in the lounge, and the total value of Tony’s clutter soon started to increase.  As well as hundreds of CDs and DVDs, we also found several highly-collectible items including a 1980s Royal Doulton Bunnykins money box, a fully-functioning post-war German camera, and a relatively rare Liberty’s hammered tudric pewter jug.”

In total, Jamie Breese valued the unwanted and unused items in Tony’s lounge and loft at approximately £750 – which is enough to get his business off the ground.  Tony promised Jamie that he would continue with the clear out, move to other rooms, and start selling the items on Gumtree – converting his clutter to cash.

Speaking about the experience Tony Stevens added: “It was a very informative and helpful day; I had no idea of the value of items that I’ve been hoarding for years.”

After just a few hours Tony had not only organised and sorted through his clutter but he had a mountain of treasures to sell and help him set-up his own business.  Recent research by Gumtree found that the average UK household sitting on a treasure trove of £3,540* worth of unwanted or unused items, so isn’t it about time you decluttered your house and turned the hard work into cold hard cash?

If you need help converting your clutter into cash, why not read Jamie Breese’s helpful tips here, Good luck!


*Consumer research of 2,000 Brits carried out by One Poll on 16.02.2012


If you need help converting your clutter into cash, why not read Jamie Breese’s helpful tips here, Good luck!


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