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Convert to Convertibles This Summer

Friday 18 July 2014, by

If the idea of cruising round rainy old Blighty in a super-shiny convertible causes you to throw back your head in mock laughter, think again. You may be able to picture yourself driving one of the open-top cruisers in an exotic location such as LA or Ibiza, but believe it or not, the UK is actually an ideal spot for some alfresco driving.

Despite the common belief that the UK is always pouring with rain, did you know that London is drier than summer hotspots such as Rome, New York and Rio de Janeiro? And there’s no shortage of beautiful road trips you can take to really make most out of the sunshine. From sweeping bends around medieval Tudor castles to rolling hills and a drive past the prehistoric Stonehenge, there are plenty of picturesque routes to take to really explore what the UK has to offer.

So if cruising around in the sun in a new convertible car is your idea of a wheely-good time, why not check out which convertibles we have on offer? And if you’re shaking your head, thinking that a convertible is probably way outside your budget, don’t worry. There are a range of different priced cars available, from budget, mid-range, all the way to high-end sportcars. So put your poncho away and let these prices rev you up for summer!

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