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Celebrity Big Brother – Who’s Getting Talked About

Thursday 8 January 2015, by

The Big Brother celebrities are in the House! Last night, millions of people watched as an eclectic mix of famous faces made their way into the Celebrity Big Brother House for 2015! And as the launch night kicked off, we were keeping an eye on the world of social media, monitoring which housemates created the biggest buzz before, during and after the live show on Channel 5.

It was no surprise that Katie Hopkins, the victim of Big Brother’s “be nice” spell, got plenty of attention, popping up in social media conversations every time we got to see what she was up to behind the enchanted mirror. No stranger to the gossipy nature of social media, Perez Hilton pipped Katie to the peak, getting the largest single reaction as he entered the house 10 few minutes later.

Soul-singer Alexander O’Neal and the always-excited Nadia Sawalha were among the least mentioned housemates on the night – and we’ll keep an eye out to see if that improves over time. Now that Alexander is at risk of eviction next week, he’s got some work to do to increase his popularity!


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